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Feb 12, 2018

10 Video Content Marketing Ideas That Every Marketer Should Know

10 Video Content Marketing Ideas That Every Marketer Should Know

There is no doubt that a social media marketer has to devise numerous ways to catch the attention of his audience by implementing the most innovative and creative ways.

In one word, it means marketers need to be constantly on top of generating video content marketing ideas.

Video content is emerging as the best marketing strategy and the below stats says it all.

The statistics plus a lot more research from various studies conducted across the world have proven that video content is the most impactful type of content.

90% of consumers say a product video helps them in their purchasing decisions

64% of consumers have made an online purchase after watching a product video

All major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are focusing heavily on video-first strategy, and statistics say that video content is here to stay.

For social media marketers creating video content is a struggle and for some creating enough video content to sustain the video content marketing strategy is a challenge.

If you are reeling under the pressure of creating creative, share-worthy content then, Here are 10 brilliant video content marketing ideas that can ignite your creativity and help you to create engaging videos that can generate more leads.

  1. Video Micro Moments

The latest trend in mobile users is that they use mobile phone many number of times in a day but for shorter duration which is referred to as ÔÇÿmicro momentsÔÇÖ.

According to GoogleÔÇÖs report, ÔÇ£People check their phones 150 times each day, and every session is about 1 minute and 10 seconds on an averageÔÇØ.

Consumers are constantly looking at the device for answers, feedback to make purchasing decisions and also to look out for new things. Micro video moments should be part of your video marketing strategy to connect with customers.

Micro video moments can be created mainly for four different purposes.

  • To follow Passion. Create videos that people wish to see and get inspired relating to their passion. 

                       ÔÇ£53 % online video viewers watch online videos to be inspiredÔÇØ

  • To learn something new. People want to watch short videos to understand and increase their knowledge on a particular topic.

              ÔÇ£70 % millennials say that they search YouTube video to learn something new.ÔÇØ

  • To Action on something. People look for micro video moment to get step-by-step instructions on how to do something.

                ÔÇ£how-toÔÇØ searches are up 70 % year-over-year on YouTube"

  • To buy something. People are resorting to micro videos to check on a product before actually buying it.

            "18-to-34-year-olds resort to YouTube to learn about a product before buying itÔÇØ

For example, Home Depot started creating ÔÇ£how-ToÔÇÖ videos to benefit customers who were turning to their mobile phones to  get answers. Now they have thousands of ÔÇÿHow-toÔÇØ videos on Youtube.



  1. Product Demos

Irrespective of a new product or an existing product, product demos are a wonderful video content marketing idea to create videos that show the demo of your product or service.

Always showcase important values of your product, like this one where Cloohawk emphasizes on the ease, utilization and benefits that can be derived from the product.    



There is always a lot of things to tell about your product. But always make sure to highlight on the value of the product than its technical features.

  1. Share Your company values

A video has the power to give your audience a better understanding of your written message or an infographic on your website.

Showcasing your brand using videos is most often seen as an excellent way to engage prospects, and to generate leads.

Company profile videos that explain the strength and uniqueness of your brand is one of the most powerful video content marketing ideas that can make all the difference when it is competing with high number of competitors in the industry.  

For example SimblaÔÇÖs company overview video is an invitation for anyone to experience the creation of a beautiful website. 



  1. Share life hack videos

When your audience reads your content or views videos itÔÇÖs with an ultimate intention of deriving some value out of it.

The most favorite that your audience loves to watch is a life hack video.

Who else would be the best fit to share a good hack using your product or service? Sharing your expert tips on using your product in a particular way to solve a difficult situation is one of the most brilliant video content marketing idea that all marketers should use. Show them different ways in which the unique features of your product or service can be used for different purposes

For example OraBrush created a hack video demonstrating the way in which the brush can be used to avoid bad breath.



  1. Company Announcements

Gone are the days when a company used to create a lengthy document about an announcement relating to new product, new feature, new location, etc. Now the latest trend of video content marketing is to make a video for official company announcements.

A personal video announcing the big news will capture the attention of your audience.

Point the camera at your employees, designers, developers, CEO, media and other influencers in your industry who have adopted and promoted your products all the way. The best way to make an announcement interesting is to focus on the stories of the people who use it.

For example, see how Google used a brilliant video during the launch of its new logo to make the announcement using the stories of people showing hoe Google has evolved.



  1. Repurpose Blogs

When one of your awesome text content has performed well, this is a golden opportunity to convert it into a viral video. A smart video content marketing idea is to add audio and image to the text and convert it into vlogs. Imagine when a text content has captured many readers, there are high chances that the same when converted into video content will capture many more views.

Turn your great content into a video by packaging the static text into engaging video.

There are a host of free tools such as Lumen5 and Wibbitz that will help you to convert text into a video.



  1. Customer Testimonials

A more recent video content marketing idea is the testimonial delivered in a video format. As customers, there is nothing more convincing for us to buy a product when we hear customer reviews directly from the person who used it. While the written quotations from a customer is great, a video from the customer talking about how the product changed his life or how it made his life easier would be powerful marketing tactic.

A testimonial shared as a video will have higher impact since humans tend to believe in what they see and especially when it comes from another fellow human being who experienced the product.

Codecademy has nailed down the testimonials section with great vidoes from customers.



  1. How-to Videos

It is much easier to listen and see instructions than read them, right?

There has been a 70% increase in search for How-To Videos simply because users find it extremely easy and simple to understand tutorial videos rather than read then in a manual or in an article.  

The most engaging video content marketing idea is to get the attention of your audience by explaining how to use your product to solve their problems.  

Create a how-to video of your product or service that shows step by step instructions of using the product efficiently.  A how-to video brings huge benefits by offering value to your customers and your potential clients.

For example see how Tripcase uses the pain points of other travellers who struggle to travel while the Tripcase users are cool and enjoying their travel.



  1. Behind the Scenes

A latest trend in video content marketing is behind-the-scenes videos.   Users are delighted to see how their favorite brand is doing behind the scenes where they get a greater understanding of who you are how you function to solve their needs.  

A behind the scene helps to humanize your company.

It shows that you enjoy your work and showcases how you love your team. It is a huge step towards building relationship and trust. It triggers actions such as likes and shares.

For example see behind the scenes of a BMW commercial that show candid video involving the process andpeople behind the BMW.  



  1. Expert Interviews

When someone else is speaking about your product it always looks more trustworthy. And when it comes from the industry expert the impact is double fold. Questions and answer sessions are becoming a part of video content marketing that is gaining higher trust with users.

Create videos of question and answer session where you call industry experts to talk about your product.

Ask questions that are usually in the mind of the viewers. Here the questions are not just being answered, but the expert is creating an influence which will promote the video and reach new audience.

For example see how Sephora invited Jen Atkin of Ouai Haircare and Christophe Robin Paris for a 3Question and Answer session on beauty tips, trends, and beauty products.




Videos have this huge power to change the face of your content strategy which will bring your audience closer to you.

Video content marketing should be on top of your marketing road map in order to capitalize on the benefits of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and YouTube.

Numerous ideas such as videos for product demos, behind the scenes of your production house, know how videos, etc. are an excellent way to capture the attention of your audience and get them to engage with the video.

WhatÔÇÖs more, your audience would typically start liking your videos and sharing the videos which will surely expand your online reach.

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