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Sep 21, 2018

10 Ways of Using Social Listening to Fuel Your Business Growth

10 Ways of Using Social Listening to Fuel Your Business Growth

Social media is not just restricted to chatting with friends and show off your vacation pictures. Every business, whether big or small, has ensured to have a social media presence due to the huge opportunity it offers to increase sales.

Research says about 30,000 online searches started with ÔÇÿWhere can I buy?ÔÇÖ But unfortunately 60% never got a response.

When you are aware of people talking about your brand, product, competitors and topics relevant to your business on social media, it results in social listening. An important aspect of social listening is the response, without which it will turn out to be just social monitoring.

Social listening is the gateway to your market intelligence.

With the help of social listening, you can easily collect information about customer interests, likes and dislikes, brand that they support, influencers that they follow and much more.

In this post, weÔÇÖre going to share 10 ways in which you can use social listening to grow your business.

  1. To Increase Audience Reach and Engagement

Social media reach refers to the number of social media users who can have contact with your social media posts. In simple terms it is the total number of people who see your content. With the help of social media listening, you can observe marketing campaigns, hashtags, social media events, social media profiles, follower pages, etc.

Engagement refers to interactions of audience with your content on social media. Social media listening will inform you about the likes, comments, shares, retweets, pins and much more happening with your content on social media.

For example Brand24 is a social media management tool that helps marketers and business owners to listen to your audience and to keep track of their activities on various social media sites.

  1. To Check Out Competitors And Their Actions

Social media is changing the nature of competition. With social media marketing, you seem to be competing with everyone on real-time.

Competition drives most of the brands to perform higher on social media. With social listening, you can easily check your competitorsÔÇÖ actions, the campaigns they have launched recently, posts that they are floating, their best performing posts, and so on.

For example, Cloohawk is a social media management tool that offers a feature ÔÇÿYour competitors' best postsÔÇÖ which allows you to see at a glance the best performing posts of your competitors.



  1. To Get Real Time Updates To Improve Customer Service

Most of the customers leave a brand not because the product is bad or price is high, it is mainly due to poor customer service. When customers do not feel valued and heard they quit your product. 

According to a research by American Express, when a customer has a poor customer service experience on social media they share the negative experience with 53 people!


Therefore it is import to find conversations on social media by setting up alerts and notifications. You can receive real-time updates each time a conversation takes place, allowing you to respond to your customer on immediate basis.

You can do this by using the right social media tools such as Social Mention and Mention that report in real-time and you will be notified each time a conversation takes place.

  1. To Gather Valuable Information About Your Audience

The opinions and behavior of your audience provides valuable source of information for the growth of your business. Hence it is worth spending time on getting information as they can tell you much more than experienced marketers and experts. Only thing that you have to do is to listen to their voice carefully and regularly.

Social listening makes it possible for brands to collect information on the type of content that interests customers, feedback, opinions, the influencers they follow, their interests and buying habits.

AgoraPulse is a social listening tool that gives you the ability to engage with your audience and your followers from a single platform. Social listening enables you to interact with your audience and find out the context of online conversation about your brand.



  1. To Boost Marketing Campaigns

Social listening will give access to vast amount of audience data, social data, publicly available data, and enterprise-held data. This data can be integrated with marketing platforms by brands.  With the help of social listening brands can carry campaign analysis, brand analysis, analyzing market trends and competitive trends before setting up the marketing campaigns. Brands can understand what the consumer feedback is tweak marketing campaigns based on that data.

Socedo is a social media management tool that comes as a boon to most of the social media managers. Planning and executive social media campaigns can be a nightmare since it has many moving pieces and a campaign can be successful only when all work together.



  1. To Generate Qualified Sales Leads

Whether you are a marketer who is bent upon increasing sales or a business man looking to increase leads, social listening has proved time and again as an efficient lead generation method.  Social listening can be used to find people who are searching for products that are similar to yours. Social listening can also be used to find enquiries relating to your business. You will be able to uncover potential leads which you would have missed.

Socialert is a social listening tool that can help to improve leads by tracking hashtags and keywords relating to your brand and industry. It also has options to set up location based social listening keywords that might be used if your industry.



  1. To Identify Industry Influencers

Influencer marketing is an opportunity for brands to work with social media using a well-defined and well-designed social media marketing strategy.

Social listening is the key to find the right influencers who are suited for your products. Many marketers are using social listening to find celebrities on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat influencers.

But finding influencers can be a task by itself. This is the first step towards your influencer campaign is social listening. There are quite a few impressive tools that will help you in researching influencers in your niche.

For example Traackr is a social listening tool that offers solution for those markets who are interested in reaching out to influencers. Traackr helps to listen to conversations and also validates real influencers. It saves a lot of time of the marketers by identifying the right influencers as per the profiles that a marketer is looking for.



  1. To Keep Tab On Trending Topics

Constantly churning out fresh ideas that can be converted into quality content to capture the attention of the audience is a big feat by itself. One way to solve this problem is turn towards the trending topics by using social listening.

Trending topics straight away give you the indication that most of your customers like this topic and thereby it is trending. Hence staying on top of your customer likes will obviously give you the right edge.

Finding the content that is creating the buzz is the key to create engaging content. When manual efforts are not sufficient, innovative tools can offer you a competitive edge.

Ahrefs is a social listening tool that can identify the most popular content in your industry or from any website. Its front page will give you a list of top 10 topics that were trending in the last 24 hours.



  1. To Attract New Customers

Social listening is useful to find out what kind of products and services your audience are looking for. Listen to people on social media about their preferences and the kind of products they want to buy.

With dedicated efforts and a methodical approach of social listening, you can find the right audience who will be interested in your products and services.

Ask yourself some key questions such as who is the user of your product? Which age group is more likely to use your product? Who are they following on social media? Who is their hero on social media? When are they most active on social media?

When you have answers to these questions, you are almost close to finding a new customer.

Audiense is a social media management tool that is designed to identify the right audience that can be converted into new customers for your business. This tool is capable of finding large audience that is perfectly matched to your brand.



  1. To Find Inspiration For Content Marketing

Many marketers struggle to find the right content to share with their audience. Content is used for increasing brand awareness, engaging with audience, customer attraction and retention, and lead generation. Social listening can help in creating compelling content that will get someone to stop and engage with you on your social media page is the key to content creation.

ContentStudio is a social listening tool where you can create topic feeds by adding your own keywords and domains. You can discover content from various websites, and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Based on the trending topics in your industry, it will suggest you what to post next on your social account or blog page.




Listening to your audience can help your marketing campaigns become reactive and interactive by converting communication into conversations. It provides insights into interests and habits of your target audience. It builds emotional connections, discover industry trends, find influencers and ultimately get more sales leads.

Show your audience that you are listening by creating and sharing content that speaks about their interests, pain points and questions. Social media listening gives you an opportunity to create a dialogue with your audience instead of just constantly selling to them.

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