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Sep 14, 2018

11 Tips To Humanize Your Brand For Long-Term Business Growth

11 Tips To Humanize Your Brand For Long-Term Business Growth

Do you think people really trust brands? They might see brands as a faceless profit making machine which constantly bombard people with advertisements. But there is no need to worry; there is a solution for this.

Humanizing your brand!!

Since your audience trusts people more than brands, you have to make your brand look a little more like a person than a robot or a corporate. Add a human voice and personality to your brand.

Here are 11 Tips To Humanize Your Brand For Long-Term Business Growth:

1. Add Faces To Your Name

No one wants to talk to a robot, right?

Giving your brand a face and a real name will earn more trust from consumers.

Adding a face to your posts and content makes it more human rather than offering a faceless response.

Present the real face of your brand by adding faces of your employees, staff and all the heads of your organization.  Add the photos and names of the social media managers, content writers, community managers and all other people who are behind the tweets and posts.

This is a great way to gather the faces of people in your company and allow your customers to know the human side of your brand.

2. Share Videos Shot Around Your Office Using Real People

Use social media to not just talk about yourself, but also to show there are people behind the brand name.  It builds relationship and trust when you share this kind of content with your audience.

Show content relating to your team work. It shows that you nurture relationships and thereby reassure customers that theyÔÇÖre in the hands of a team that loves what they do.

Show videos of how the team worked on releasing the new version of your favorite product or show how your team has fun while working on delivering the product or service.

See how Adobe Life features its employees in their real-time social media feed to bring in the human element.


Does not matter the niche youÔÇÖre in, remember that your content needs to include personal posts to bring in the human element to your brand.

3. Connect To Audience With Humor

Humor has the power to appeal to your audience emotionally. People who build an emotional connect with your brand tend to further engage with your brand more often.  Humor helps audience to remember you better and differentiates you from the thousands of brands that they might see on social media.

For example see how Old SpiceÔÇÖs social media team doesnÔÇÖt even mention Old Spice but still the funny post makes it memorable.

When a brand on social media brings a smile, customers feel the human connect just like having a good time with friends.

Old Spice


4. Speak Normal Language And Not Industry Jargons

Social media is where your audience is. Your audience may come from different background and talking to them in plain and simple language will appeal to them.  ItÔÇÖs actually amazing to know that plain language stands out from the onslaught of jargon.

People actually understand and hence pay more attention when things are set out in simple and clear language.

People on social media do not want to listen to industry jargons and serious business language. They want to know and understand how your product works.

Explain in the most easiest and simple way that brings the connect with your audience. Use words that a person or your friend would use while talking to you. In this way you can bring in the human element into the social media posts.

5. Small Conversations Go A Long Way To Build Rapport

Every business is a people business. On social media, every conversation that you strike with your audience will enhance the personal connect with your brand and your audience.

Respond and engage with your audience on social media. When brands respond and participate in social media conversation with their audience, it is more likely for customers and advocates also participating in the conversation. This basically brings in the human element into entire sales cycle.

With the help of social media management tools such as Cloohawk, It becomes easier to start a conversation by monitoring the mentions and keywords that your audience is talking about. You can quickly respond to your audience thereby making them satisfied with your responsiveness.

6. Make Customers Feel Special

DonÔÇÖt we all love the attention and care that is showered on us? Especially when it comes to customers, they expect that brands meet their expectations and go beyond by delighting them.

As per an Econsultancy report, being customer-centric came out as the most important characteristic that a brand should build in order to bring in human element in a digital-native culture in an organization.


Just understand that your customer is a human being who is looking forward to be treated as a King. When you understand this psychology, you can create pleasant and exciting experience for your customers which can in turn increase sales.

7. Sign Your Social Media Posts

Signing your social media posts can make it a lot more personal since your audience sees it as a person sending out updates rather than a company.

This gives confidence to your audience that there are real people behind the social media posts and gives them a better feeling that they are dealing with humans and not robots. 

This also brings a lot more engagement where your audience will start interacting since they know itÔÇÖs a person who sent the post.

Allow your social media marketing team to sign the posts that they create.  It helps to build great and more meaningful connections. You should messages and conversations signed off by different employees on your Facebook and Twitter pages, giving an identity to the person a customer is chatting with.

8. Acknowledge Issues And Mistakes

Humans are prone to mistakes, whether itÔÇÖs in person or on social media.  A brand has to demonstrate human qualities on social media, even when you have made a mistake. Own up your mistake and this will make a brand more human which will thereby gain more trust of your audience. Acknowledge your mistake and make it transparent.

DonÔÇÖt make all your apology posts look the same, but instead customize each message for the mistakes and complaints raised by customers. This will give a sense to your audience that you are caring about them and listening to them.

See how Wendy's take time and effort to personalize each message to acknowledge the mistakes.


ÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇïÔÇï9. Add the Influencers Effect

When brands tie up with influencers and famous personalities on social media, they are able to witness some extra sharing than through normal methods since audience feel the human touch.

Influencers are active on social media and have a huge fan following. The content shared by the influencers and celebrities carry more human touch and will be thereby increasing the readability and share ability.

As per an experiment, even minimal contact on social media with an influencer created a 63% positive response to a sharing request when compared to 18% for folks he had never contacted.


10. Put The Spotlight On Your Employees

Your Brand is nothing but a group of humans who have come together to offer the best service to its customers, right?

There can be no better way to show the human side of your brand than focusing on the people who work there. 

Tell your brand stories by sharing success stories of people who work for your brand.

This will give a human touch to all the stories that are narrated by your brand and at the same time help your employees to get a feeling of being valued and engaged with your brand.  

11. Find Your Unique Voice And Personality

Define brand identity with a unique voice and personality that offers a human element to your brand.

Clearly defined brand voice makes your brand stand out and be easily recognized. It should communicate unique values and human personality of your company.

Every brand has their own way of communicating and forms part of their personality. This is what makes it more human.  If you want to humanize your brand make the voice unique and fit into your overall brand image.


The goal of social media marketing is to build relationships and convert them into paying customers. And it all starts with making your presence feel human.

What makes you human?

Humans are driven by feelings, emotions and personalization. A lot of these traits can be embedded into your brand identity.

Emerge out of the corporate image and stop being robotic, Humanize your brand by leveraging into these human characteristics to humanize your brand.

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