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Jan 16, 2018

20 Twitter Marketing Tools to Amplify Twitter Marketing

20 Twitter Marketing Tools to Amplify Twitter Marketing

ÔÇ£It was a horrible experienceÔÇØ.

I remember the day when I was super excited about the road trip. I had the itinerary ready and the trip was planned well in advance.

But it in spite of that, it was one of the worst road trips I ever had. I had forgotten to pack appropriate contents that were essential for my trip. The toolkit that I forgot gave me sleepless nights and made it difficult for me to face harsh weather conditions.

I realized that I had not paid attention to my tool kit and it had got buried under my excitement.

This is exactly what happens during twitter marketing.

An entrepreneur is high on excitement but not fully ready with the Twitter Toolkit. You can save a lot of disappointment and headache if you are aware of Twitter marketing tools that can make your Twitter marketing strategy run smoother.

Twitter management involves social listening, getting more followers, social management, content scheduling, content curation, analysis and much more.

Luckily you donÔÇÖt have to worry since there are expert tools that help you to build followers, schedule your content, increase follower engagement and much more twitter activities just with the click of a button.

Here are 20 important Twitter marketing tools listed based on their functions.

1. Follow/Unfollow Tools


A Twitter marketing tool that identifies inactive and spam accounts that you can unfollow thereby making your Twitter profile appear professional and useful. It is also a tool that helps you to identify influencers in your industry so that you have a list of accounts to follow.

ManageFlitter helps you to manage people who you want to follow. It will allow you to browse through your followers list and sort out people that you might want to unfollow.




A Twitter marketing tool which analyzes your follows and followers. Tweepi reads data from your Twitter account and extracts information about people you want to follow, people who already follow you and the people who donÔÇÖt follow you. With the help of the TweepiÔÇÖs algorithm it is possible to find target followers who are talking about a topic of your interest.

Tweepi identifies dormant followers and accounts that you want to unfollow. If you have huge irrelevant followers this tool will point out the dead-ends for you to eliminate from your feed.



2. Find Influencers


An excellent Twitter marketing tool that can assist you in finding the right influencers in your industry.  FollowerWonk offers easy ways in which you can identify right and powerful influencers that are required to boost your business.

For example if you are into restaurant business, FollowerWonk provides multiple easy ways to search Food Bloggers by running a bio search. It pulls  out  a list of people who create and share content that relates to food industry. Now with this list you have found the influencers in your domain.




A Twitter marketing tool which offers features to identify, interact and measure influencers effectively. It generates overview of the demographics of accounts that matches your Twitter account. You can search for most influential people in certain categories that relate to your business.

Klear has advanced filters that allow you to browse through numerous profiles and shortlist the accounts relevant for your brand. You can filter based on interest, location, gender, age and engagement level.



3. Find Trending Topics


A Twitter marketing tool that will assist you in social media management.  It offers a list of trending stories based on the interest of the Twitter account and it also gives a list of popular trending stories in an industry.

One of the features of Cloohawk, ÔÇÿTrending stories for youÔÇÖ allows you to have a glimpse of all the trending stories. You can  comment on the trending stories from within the tool without having to login to Twitter account.

Cloohawk also gives an option to publish your comments immediately or at the best time based on the tweet analysis.



Ahrefs Content Explorer

Twitter marketing tool that identifies trending content from different websites that relates to your industry. The front page of Ahrefs lists the top 10 trending topics from the last 24 hours.

By using the keywords from your Industry, Ahrefs lists down all the popular trending articles that have been highly shared across different social platforms. Further the filters available such as language, location, traffic and word count can be used to refine your search results.

Ahrefs Content Explorer


4. Twitter Chat Tools


A Twitter chat management tool that can make chatting monumentally easier. You just have to start with a hashtag, and you can find numerous conversation threads. You can interact by liking, retweeting and replying from the dashboard itself.

Within the conversations, you can highlight a particular user or block a user. It offers an option to make your retweets visible thereby gaining more engagement.




A Twitter marketing tool that allows you to participate in Twitter chats.  Start by adding a hashtag of your interest. You can add filters for language, likes, retweets, etc. which will refine your search results. You can create content streams by using keywords from your industry that you wish to watch and start by participating real time.

This tool offers the comfort of replying to tweets right from the dashboard without shifting between tools. If you are managing multiple Twitter accounts then this tool allows you to switch between dashboards.



5. Scheduling  Tools


A Twitter marketing tool that can help you to find the best time to tweet after analyzing your tweets. It conducts analysis on the engagement numbers on your tweets during different hours of the day and week. The tools then judges and suggests the best time to tweet.

This tool is extremely helpful when you are experimenting to understand your audience better.



A Twitter marketing tool which has the ability to setup a content queue based on the rules defined by you. You just have to decide the day and time for your post to be tweeted. It creates the perfect posting times and based on its algorithm, it adds them to your plan.

This is a tool that saves a lot of time involved in scheduling the posts.



6. Monitoring Tools


An excellent Twitter marketing tool that covers various aspects of twitter management including monitoring functions.  Its features allows you to effectively track topics that matter to you.

It offers features that lets you manage and monitor your favourite blogs and other websites of your interest.

It also has features that offers easy ways to review the RSS feeds that you have set up and additionally share them on Twitter and other social sites.




A Twitter advanced search tool, allows you to monitor Twitter at your convenience. If you do not wish to monitor Twitter real time, then this tool is suitable for you.

This tool monitors the keywords that you have defined and consolidates all tweets that make a mention of your keyword. It delivers the consolidated list as an email digest. 

You can further refine your search results by adding filters such as location, language and any other exclusions.



7. Finding Audience


A popular Twitter marketing tool that assists you in reaching out to your target audience. Its intelligent insights help you to understand any audience. It combines filter options that offer various factors such as user profiles, affinities, demographics and job roles thereby creating customized audience segments.

It lets you identify mot specific audiences along with the size of market for greater engagement. With the help of machine learning, it understands your target audience by analysing the connections between different people. Based on interests, it identifies new segments of target audience.



TwitterÔÇÖs audience insights dashboard

The Twitter dashboard provides  real-time picture of the people that are relevant to your account. It gives insights about your followers and other people who have engaged with you.

The dashboard gives you a summary of factors such as audience profile, interest, lifestyle, age, location, buying habits, and purchase behaviour. With the help of these insights it creates relevant messages to your audience and also helps you to spot new audience with whom you can connect.



8. Competitor Analysis


A Twitter marketing tool that is very robust and gives various methods of analysis of your competitor accounts. Just Start by listing your competitorsÔÇÖ Twitter handles. Twitony will give you complete details on the Twitter lists where you and your competitor is part of. It will list down the most popular Tweets and other engagement statistics.




A Twitter marketing tool used for competitor analysis that helps you to learn about sites that are similar to yours and figure out ways to outrank them. You just have to input your competitorÔÇÖs URL on the QuickSprout homepage. It will give you details of best performing content on your competitors website.

You can use QuickSprout to arrive at Estimated Traffic Score and social networks share score of your competitors.



9. Twitter Marketing Tools for Images


Canva is one of the best for images due to its versatility to create images for Twitter.  Most of the tools are designed for a specific type of image, but Canva covers mostly all types of images.

Canva has preset image sizes for Twitter. This tool allows you to create a generic image for Twitter and has free images as well. If you want to buy more advanced and better images, they is an an option to buy them.




Stencil is a image creator tool and can be used for any social media including Twitter. This is predominantly used by marketers and bloggers since the templates within Stencil lean towards their uses.

ItÔÇÖs quite a easy tool which allows you to choose a background relevant to your post and add your text easily to the background. It is easy to share as well.



10. Reporting and Analysis Tools


A Twitter marketing tool that gives most comprehensive cross-platform reporting options. Its excellent reporting mechanism reports the data in the form of regular email digests. You can track Twitter engagement, audience, reach and much more using this tool.

It has a all-in-one reporting dashboard that integrates across various social sites including Twitter. It offers a holistic view of your Twitter activities.




A Twitter marketing tool offers a simple method of measuring your brandÔÇÖs impact on Twitter. Its magnitude score mechanism indicates the level of activity around your brand for a given period of time. The score ranges from a 0 to 10. Zero means no activity while a score of 10 means your brand has used maximum activity on Twitter.




Regardless of the size of your business, Twitter is one of the proven vehicles to help you achieve brand image. Not just building brand, Twitter is used to connect with customers, inform customers of upcoming product launches, and also for providing customer service. You can perform all of these only with the help of tools that maximize your efforts.

Understand and leverage the power of Twitter by effectively using the power of the above mentioned Twitter marketing tools.

Which tools do you use for Twitter marketing? Please let me know in the comments below.

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