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Dec 11, 2017

3 Benefits of Reposting Content That Wins More Customers

3 Benefits of Reposting Content That Wins More Customers

ÔÇ£Sharing content more than once increases retweets and trafficÔÇØ says Leo Widrich, Buffer co-founder.

Reposting is publishing your old content by tweaking a bit or adding more information to the existing content. Its intention is to find new and broader audience who might be interested in your content and further share it in their social circles.

Repurposing or reposting will take your content to new heights by making it available on different platforms, thereby attracting new target audience.

I cannot stress enough on the advantages of reposting your old content which is a gold mine and has the power to generate traffic up to 75%.

Older Posts Are Goldmine. Cloohawk

Reposting is a wonderful way to share your old content with your new audience. Dig out some of the best posts that you had published some time ago and give it a new life just by giving it a facelift by adding some more keywords or adding different pictures and titles.

Here are the 3 biggest benefits of reposting your old content.

1. Captures New Readers

I remember the times when my artist friend used to re-exhibit some of her masterpieces so that new people who visited her exhibition could benefit by it. It helped her to get more audience and build her brand since she was choosing her best pieces to be displayed again and again.

I have learnt to do the same with my content, after all itÔÇÖs my masterpiece and I want maximum people to read my content.

Just observe how @quicksprout has re-promoted their content several times with different titles and in during different years.

Repost Content Cloohawk

Reposting old content will generate a greater reach and will find additional clicks and audience. Who knows, some of them might be your perfect prospects.

2. Reach Different Time Zones

My friend from United States called me to check if I noticed her cooking video on social media which she had posted last noon her time . Clearly I knew I had missed it since it was my midnight.

Most of us can relate this to our posts. Many a time our audienceÔÇÖs time zone is different than our posting time. Few people check their social media only once a day and may be at a particular time and thereby miss posts outside of their time zone and social media activity zone.

This is where reposting will make up the loss of un-viewed posts.

Recycling the same content at different time zones will place your content on your audienceÔÇÖs timelines and will grab their attention.

We have to provide content at different times because people live in different time zones and have different social media habits.

The below guide gives you the most optimum time to post your content of various social media and will help you to get maximum attention for your reposted content.

Best Posting Time CLoohawk

With about 500 million tweets per day on twitter you have a very low probability of being seen if you post just once and there could be a very high probability of your post being hidden in the flood of tweets.  

Re-sharing will just get your content in front of more audience more number of times.

Now does it sound very silly to be posting just once?

3. Generate Higher Traffic To Your Website

At Cloohawk we have noticed that when we republished one of our best performing post, we got higher website traffic. You can use Cloohawk as a tool to repost your content. Cloohawk tool finds the best post a user can repost, and also can post it at the right time.

An analysis of Hubspot blog has given mind boggling statistics that 76% of their monthly blog views came from old posts. 

Now thatÔÇÖs good news. Your effort of content production can be reduced by reposting your best performing posts which has the power to drastically increase your website traffic.

Just have a look at the post that BuzzFeed reposted without any efforts. While first post got many likes and retweets, repurposing it again later got additional likes and retweets.

Repost Content Cloohawk

Whether it is a big brand of small business, repurposing your content confidently will bring in great benefits.

When your content is shared many times, it gets higher engagement.


I am sure by now you are hitting yourself hard for not republishing your content. Take advantage of reposting content to tackle time zone differences, to increase website traffic and to reach new audience.

If you have invested in creating something that is great and worthwhile, would you let it sit idle? No right? You would find a right opportunity to display your masterpiece.

Bring back life to your old posts to get higher audience.

Have you tried to repost your old content? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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