Uma Bhat
Content Weaver @Cloohawk
Jul 19, 2018

4 Reasons Why Your Social Media Posts are Not getting Engagement

4 Reasons Why Your Social Media Posts are Not getting Engagement

Social media managers are aware that social media marketing provides an extensive reach and brings the benefit of direct interaction with customers.

With the increased use of social media, the social media manager faces the challenge to constantly find ways to connect with audience to increase engagement. But generating engagement is not easy.

You might be posting on your social media pages but disappointed to see that you are not getting any traction. You might be spending a lot of time and energy on social media but not seeing significant engagement on your social media posts.

Here are 4 important reasons why your social media posts are not getting enough engagement.

  1. You are not offering what your audience wants

In 2018, social media marketers will further realize that social media content is not all about just creating and scheduling more and much more content. With changes to Facebook and similar other social platforms, it will be high time that social media managers realize that itÔÇÖs not about quantity, but is more to do with quality content that your audience is eager to read.

Audience is bound to get annoyed with the continuous steam of social media posts that are not of their interest. Creating more engaging and interesting content that resonates well with your audience is the key to your social media engagement.

Engagement is just another word that is used to explain how effective you are in managing communication with your audience.

Ask yourself questions on why are you publishing the content, what is the take away for your audience, will it push them to share the content, etc. These questions will lead you to put yourself in the shoes of the audience thereby creating and sharing content that your audience will love.

See how the video below makes it very clear that you will learn how to get more retweets by following 5 strategies.



  1. You are Posting at wrong time

Now that you know what your audience wants and also have identified the right communities to post your social media content, the next important aspect is to post at the right time.

You may wonder, is there a right time to post?  Yes absolutely.

Make efforts to learn the best times to post on social media. The data around your userÔÇÖs social media behavior will give a lot of insights about the time when they are most active of various social networks.

DonÔÇÖt assume that you can post at the same time on all social media. Each platform has its own formulas. Your audiences change their behavior on each network and the behavior is unique to each industry.

Intelligent social media tools such as Cloohawk offer tasks that help you to understand your audience and their behavior.

Cloohawk can analyze your followers and audience when they are on social media. It can estimate the best time to post based on the social media activities of your audience. Best time is derived based on the profile and engagement of your audience.

When you know that most of your users are online at 3 pm on a Wednesday then you would surely want to make the best of it by scheduling your posts during this time so that your audience does not miss it.



  1. You are Not posting enough

Social media is all about being there at the right time. If you donÔÇÖt show up yourself for a few days you are forgotten and your audience would have found someone else in your place. But that does not mean that you should flood the social media with your posts. If you post too often, audience will feel it as a nuisance and will eventually block you or unfollow you.

This leaves you asking ÔÇ£How much should I post to get the right balance? How do you decide the number of posts for each social media?

Learning from the experts and by experience is the key to strike the right balance.

Each social media has its own rules and understanding them will be a combination of many factors.

A study revealed that ÔÇ£When you have a smaller number of followers, posting twice a day will actually result in about 50% fewer clicks per postÔÇØ

When you post just few times a day, then your total number of clicks will be higher. Study your social network and decide if you want to see more clicks or engagement. Based on this, you can decide the number of posts on each social media.

According to Constant ContactÔÇÖs social media webinars, the most asked question ÔÇ£What should I post on social media and when should I post it?ÔÇØ for which they created a cheat sheet.



  1. You are Posting too much Promotional Content

Do you like to be around a person who always talk about only and only himself/herself?

For you as a company, it could be very important news every single day, but touting daily your latest product or your latest release is not really going down well with the social media audience.

Research conducted by Sproutsocial has proved that people unfollow brands when they post too much promotional content. DonÔÇÖt we all get annoyed when you see yet another post that is trying to sell something on social media?


More than 86% of people follow atleast one brand on social media, but they are not looking for promotion content.  The truth is that they are looking forward for informative and educational content which gives them value.

It is wise to apply ParetoÔÇÖs 80:20 rule while posting social media content. Only 20% of the posts should talk about your brand and products while the remaining 80% should offer value-added content like how-to-do videos, tips and tricks, industry news, resources and events.

DonÔÇÖt let too much of promotions kill your social media marketing efforts.


When you have audience who are engaging with your social media posts, it leads to a community of fans for your brand.

Every network has its own success formulas and it is wise for a brand to crack the formula to derive engagement. Effectiveness of social media posts can be increased dramatically by using social media management tools that provide insights about your audience, thereby giving hints on the kind of content that will be useful for your audience.

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