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Aug 30, 2018

4 Steps To Convert Your Website Visitors To Potential Business Clients

4 Steps To Convert Your Website Visitors To Potential Business Clients

You already have a website but you have realized that merely having a website is just an opportunity to generate leads. Unfortunately by just adding a ÔÇÿClick hereÔÇÖ or ÔÇÿSubscribeÔÇÖ button will not do the trick.

For businesses and marketers it's a chance to create more leads only when you work enough on building it into a lead-generating asset. The lead generation process usually starts from a company website when a visitor clicks your site pages or blogs and finally on a call-to-action (CTA).

Generating leads may be the easiest part but to make sure you donÔÇÖt lose the leads, needs a whole lot of attention and effort. Make sure you keep in touch with your new contacts. Constant follow up is the key to complete the cycle that started from website pages.

Here are 4 major steps in turning your website into a lead-generating asset:

STEP 1: Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating System

We think that a landing page will do the job of lead generation. But the reality is that every page of your website should take up the role of pushing users towards signing up for your product and finally purchasing it.

People visit your website since they were exposed to your product either on social media, email marketing, blogs, chats, offline marketing, advertising, influencers, etc. It should be easy for the person to find important information about your product, and also your website should be easy to navigate and find pages such as information, FAQs, Contact Us, Demo videos, etc.

When a person is browsing on the pages, make sure to add an extra nudge which will allow you to capture their email, sign up for a webinar or download your newsletter.

You can attempt to do this by adding onsite lead generation widgets. These widgets should be used along with a strong call to action and also to offer something very attractive to the users. Presenting something that is very relevant to the user just while they are about to exit your page will add up as a boost for tapping in to the leads.

See how Cloohawk has added a pop up that clearly explains the benefits of signing up with Cloohawk. This comes up on the blog page so that they can capture the information before the visitor exits the blog page.



STEP 2: Design Call-to-Action That Can Really Generate Leads

A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or link on your website that guides the users about the next action that they can take. In many cases, these lead to the landing page where the users are asked to provide email, fill a form, download newsletters, etc. Hence it is very important to place a CTA in the right place and also most important is to do it right.

Your CTA should be good enough to grab the attention of your visitors and entice them to click. The CTA should have persuasive text that lets the user know how useful and convenient your product is for the users. Also make sure to attract the users by adding contrasting colors in your CTA so that it stands out. It is important to show relevant images behind the CTA that helps visitors to visualize themselves as using the product. This makes the CTA appealing and leads to clicking the CTA.

For example see how Spotify takes a unique approach in building their CTA.  They build two competing CTAs, one that leads to Free Spotify and another towards the paid Spotify.  This helps visitors to get a clear message that they can opt for a free version but they also can get more by taking up the paid version.



STEP 3: Create Targeted Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something valuable that is offered to the website visitors that will drive the visitor to share their email address. Once you get their emails you are one step closer to a sale.

Lead magnets are something that helps your potential customers to solve a problem that they are facing. The problem was the original reason why visitors have come to your website in the first place.

There are many forms of lead magnets:

     >An e-book is an excellent lead magnet that is more like a white paper that can address broader topics. An e-book should descriptive without being too technical.

     >Similarly there can be a slideshow or an infograhic to walk through the idea by integrating beautiful graphic designs and information along with statistics and related facts that can create a whole story in a single image or slide.

The lead magnet that you are designing should encourage your target audience to share their information.

Create a professional and attractive lead magnet designs by using tools such as It offers affordable design covers where you can search for e-book cover designs in a variety of categories.



STEP 4: Follow Up With Leads With The Right Message, At The Right Time

The founder of Marketing Wizdom, Robert Clay says

ÔÇ£Perseverance will give you a major edge on competitorsÔÇØ

Market research has proved that only one in every 50 deals is struck at a first meeting.  But many sales people give up after just one or two attempts.

After having built a lead generating website, having the right call-to-action and creating targeted lead magnet, you are so much closer to making a sale. If the follow ups are missing, the entire operation of converting leads into sales will be failed.

Though many people benefit from your product or service, they still donÔÇÖt buy at the first instance, at least not without further prodding.  People are stuck with lack of time, too many things to do, budget constraints and lack of knowledge. This is where your follow ups will be required to establish your brand name in your Industry so they will buy without questions.

Studies say that 63% of people requesting information on your company will not purchase for at least three months and more so 20% will take more than 12 months to buy.

So make sure to identify the leads and bucket them into leads that are ready right now, leads that will be ready soon and leads that may never be ready.

Once you are ready with the list then start the 3-Step follow up action.

  1. Keep in touch by regularly sending relevant and valuable information to your prospects

  2. Keep the communication channel open by conversing with prospects efficiently

  3. Track the progress of each lead

To get the maximum effect you must follow the multistep follow-up process with the help of social media, advertising, direct emails, telephone calls, fax, voice, and webinars.

When you have an efficient follow up process set up, you are sure to see incremental sales improvements.


If you observe closely, the business that are flourishing today are the ones who have mastered the art of creating and nurturing the potential customers.

There is hardly any company without a website. But what businesses do with the website defines their success story.

Having a website is easy, but making sure to generate leads with attractive CTAs and follow up with the contacts is the most essential to convert the leads into sales. And donÔÇÖt expect all this happens overnight. ItÔÇÖs very common that a lead generated today might take even one year to become a customer.  

Ensure to keep your lead generating machine always running with the help of these 4 Steps To Convert Your Website Visitors To Potential Business Clients.

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