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Dec 17, 2018

4 Tools To Make Social The Front Runner For Customer Care

4 Tools To Make Social The Front Runner For Customer Care

DonÔÇÖt we see many people complain about a brand on social media? But do you see any response to it from the brand? Not often right?

Not many brands are equipped enough to track the brand mentions and customer complaints on social media. And many other brands do not consider social media as a customer support channel.

Social media has emerged and evolved as a result of two way communication. Social media has been increasingly used to market products and increase brand awareness. Creating a brand that can resolve customer complaints on social media is becoming the goal of many brands.

Hence brands should include social customer care as a part of their social media marketing strategy.  Customers are expecting brands to respond to their queries within 60 minutes of posting a compliant. But how in world is a brand expected to know that they have received a complaint on social media?

60 minutes

This is where the different types of tools that can identify and engage with the customer complaints come into picture.

TodayÔÇÖs social media tools make it easier for brands to attend to customer complaints without making it go unresolved.

Here are 4 such tools that can be used for social customer care:

  1. Customer Service Funnel

Imagine you have a tool that can capture all the customer service queries and assign them automatically to your customer service agents!! This will be a wonderful tool that can act as a funnel to all the customer communication from social media and to ensure that none of the customers remain unattended.

Sparkcentral is one such tool that is designed for brands to help them resolve customer issues. When a brand is large and has too customers, this tool can be used to provide exceptional customer service.  This tool can be used to serve customers who communicate of social channels such as Twitter and Facebook. The simple and easy workflow in this tool gives an effortless workflow for the customer service agents to manage high volumes of queries from different channels.



  1. Bots

Chatbots are the modern day marketerÔÇÖs best friend.  These bots will process large volumes of queries, always available for customers, eliminates human error and are available at low cost and low maintenance.  Chatbots emulate human intelligence during conversation with customers by using the deep learning, data and specific patterns to provide accurate results. With time, it has become possible to create Twitter and Facebook bots that can generate personal and one-on-one engagement with customers. If your brand is highly visible on social media and tends to receive a lot of messages on social media, then a bot is the right answer.

SproutÔÇÖs Bot Builder is a tool that empowers brands to attend and resolve customer issues at a fast rate.  It enables brands to create and deploy Twitter chatbots within minutes. The bot builder helps brands to streamline the social conversations and map then out using simple, rules-based logic.



  1. Social listening platforms

According to a research, about 30,000 online searches started with ÔÇÿWhere can I buy?ÔÇÖ But unfortunately 60% never got a response. When brands are aware that people talking about your brand, product, competitors and topics relevant to your business on social media, it results in social listening. An important aspect of social listening is the response, without which it will turn out to be just social monitoring. Social listening includes both being aware and being responsive.

Listening to your audience on social media can help your customer service campaigns. It will make the customer care become reactive and interactive by converting communication into conversations. Social listening provides insights into the customer complaints and offers you an opportunity to serve them better.

Cloohawk is a social management tool that helps you to listen to your audience, their interests, their social media influencers, topics of their interest and also their feedback and opinions about your products and services. With the help of Cloohawk you can listen to your customerÔÇÖs feedback on how they felt after using your product or service. Important for you is to listen to their feedback that can be over social media on any other online platforms.



  1. Polls

Polls are having a bit of a moment on social media.  Getting consumer feedback has always been important for brands, and polls have made it easier than ever. The pools on social media capture feedback from engaged users

Polls on Social media is helping brands to capture data from engaging users so intimate and immediate that it becomes interesting for brands to follow continuously. Brands utilize polls to understand customersÔÇÖ queries and complaints which can bring about changes to product strategy.

SurveyMonkey is great platform to design polls for your social media. It has pre-designed poll templates or you can design one as well based on your need. Once your poll is ready SurveyMonkey prepares a unique link to share your poll on social media.

Polls can be used to demonstrate customer service by asking for direct feedback on products and customer experience.  The poll creators can design question format with multiple-choice questions, drop down lists, text answers, one correct answer, etc.



Most of the customers leave a brand not because the product is bad or price is high, it is mainly due to poor customer service. When customers do not feel valued and heard they quit your product.

Therefore it is import to find conversations on social media by setting up alerts and notifications. You can receive real-time updates each time a conversation takes place, allowing you to respond to your customer on immediate basis.

You can do this by using the right social media tools that report real-time and you will be notified each time a conversation takes place.

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