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Dec 19, 2017

5 Brilliant Christmas Advertisements that Social Media Marketers Can Learn From

5 Brilliant Christmas Advertisements that Social Media Marketers Can Learn From

Christmas is yet another time to remind customers that your product is the best and hence is the perfect gift to be given to their near and loved ones!!

ItÔÇÖs also that time of the year when you upgrade your page in a way that makes it easy for your customers to gift your product as a Christmas gift easily and directly from your website.

And how do you do it? Of course by offering them incentives, discounts, bonus and anything that makes them feel guilty if they donÔÇÖt take your offer.

But above all, content attracts people to your website. Creating Christmas advertisements that can bring the audience to your website is a challenge that every social media manager faces, especially during Christmas.

Here is a collection of the best Christmas advertisements that went viral.

Create content that connects with the people thereby pushing them to share more.

# 1 John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 - #BusterTheBoxer

"Buster the BoxerÔÇÖ

ÔÇÿBuster the BoxerÔÇÖ was an amazing and an emotional video that captured the spirit of Christmas gifts. It was viewed by millions of people and it melted away the hearts with its strong story.

The story is about a young girl who loves to jump and was gifted with a trampoline on Christmas. But the video unfolds in an emotional way that sends a message that there are many others as well who have a passion for jumping.

The story was just not about gifts, but it captured the effort that the dad put in behind setting up the trampoline. There was no Santa Claus, but there were many others such as the animals and the dog that enjoyed the bouncing party.

Social media managers can use such emotion and storytelling in their Christmas advertisement content. Blogs, gifs, videos and memes that depict the Christmas spirit should be used for the social media marketing.

Create content that makes people happy and that which makes them smile and share.


Do something that is not done in typical Christmas advertisements that people see all over during Christmas season.

@HotelTonight did not follow the regular festival message of ÔÇÿ25% discountsÔÇÖ.

Instead they released a post with humor that engaged their customers and gave reasons for people to not stay at their relatives instead book a hotel.

This is how it read.

ÔÇ£Grandma's inflating your air mattress and checking it twice. Maybe this year you should visit, not stay... and book a hotel with HotelTonightÔÇØ


Users were engaged by asking them to comment with their own reasons for not staying at a family memberÔÇÖs house for Christmas.

HotelTonightÔÇÖs increased focus on humor brought about a change.

Humor when combined with Christmas advertisement campaigns can bring engagement as well as give the company a lot of ideas about promoting their products.

Being different than the crowd ensures that you stand out in the crowd. But remember doing something silly and bizarre is not the answer for going viral.

#3 SainsburyÔÇÖs Christmas Video 2016

SainsburyÔÇÖs unveiled a Christmas advertisement campaign in 2016 that highlighted the importance of spending time with family.

SainsburyÔÇÖs Christmas Video 2016

This video is about a hard-working dad who struggles to make time to spend with his family and faces obstacles to reach home on time for Christmas.

It has used loads of emotions, fun and family to send the message that giving oneself to the family can be the best gift ever. It has played well with the emotions of the people.

Social media managers should not try to always sell their product; instead they should capture the spirit of the festival. The Christmas advertisement should be relevant and capture the mood of the audience. Christmas is all about sharing and caring for your loved ones.

What else could have been better than to capture the emotions of family members during Christmas.

#4 Air Canada: Gift of Homecoming for Holidays

Air Canada: Gift of Homecoming for Holidays

This is one of the wonderful Christmas advertisements that combine the spirit of sharing during Christmas and at the same time promoting its products.

This was a Christmas advertisement that showed two pilots entering a bar in London and offering free round trip to Canada and back for those who were unable to afford a trip to Canada to visit their dear ones during Christmas.

ItÔÇÖs an intelligent way to focus on sharing and caring, while the hidden effect was to build the brand image of Air Canada as a company that cares for its customers.

Social media manager should look out for opportunities where they can combine the Cristmas spirit with Christmas advertisement.

Christmas is a great time to build brand image as a company that cares for its customers.

#5 John Legend - Under The Stars (Live Performance with Stella Artois)

John Legend - Under The Stars (Live Performance with Stella Artois)

How many will attempt to create a Christmas advertisement by posting a video with a live performance of a famous artist?

Not many thought this idea would get Stella Artois more than half a million views on YouTube!

Stella Artois changed the tune of social media marketing by creating a Christmas advertisement campaign where they signed up with John Legend, multiple Grammy Award-winning singer, to perform live under the stars with just a glass of Stella Artois.

Social media managers need to think creative during the Christmas advertisement campaigns.

Paring with famous celebrities or high influencers in their niche will get them the much needed attention with minimum promotion content.


Many companies may not have a huge budget for Christmas advertisement.

The magic is in maximizing every social media post, be it an article, an image, an email or a video.

Weave a story with emotion or an experience that people can connect to their own lives. This will prompt people to share more.

How did you plan your Christmas advertisement? Was there something that was unique that grabbed viewer's attention?

Please do share your experience in the comments section below.

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