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Sep 07, 2018

5 Outdated Marketing Practices Holding Back Your Business

5 Outdated Marketing Practices Holding Back Your Business

Does anyone remember the phone booths? You can hardly see them now right?

New mobile phones and smart phones have wiped out the existence of phone booths. No one today needs a phone booth to make a call.  Advancements in technology have made it possible to replace older and lesser convenient methods and accessories with newer and user friendly gadgets.

This holds good in all fields including marketing. Digital technology, social media, latest tools, advanced marketing techniques and improved content has brought in the greatest changes to marketing in our time.

But you still do see few phone booths that are deserted and non-functional. This is an indication that they are clearly in decline.

Similarly there are still a lot of brands that are using outdated marketing practices that are holding back their business. It is time to check if you are one of them who are still relying on old marketing techniques and wondering why you did not see great sales.

Here are 5 Outdated Marketing Practices Holding Back Your Business and also find the solutions to such outdated practices.

1. Social Media Being Used Only For Promotion Activities

Social media marketing has grabbed high attention due to the great level of audience engagement that it offers. But many brands have embraced social media without learning how to do it right.

Direct promotion activities on social media by companies will gather dust and will be blocked or unfollowed since many consider it as spam.


If you are promoting your products and services on social media, your approach needs to be different than selling a product to people who buy on impulse. Social media is used by many people to share their pictures, showcase their newly bought products, experience with products, their opinion and feedback and finally to recommend it to their friends and family.

This means that businesses should use social media by first learning more about their potential customers. Share educational and informative content such as case studies, benefits, industry reviews, product demos and how-to-videos.

Design your social media strategy around audience engagement, rather than just filling the social media feed with promotion content. For example, you can increase engagement by asking your customers their opinions and feedback about a certain topic relevant to your product. You can invite them to participate in contest, quizzes and polls in exchange for your product demo or free subscription for few months.

2. Relying On Generalized Data

There are some businesses that still do not spend enough time and money towards collecting and studying data relevant to their customers and industry. They just take the general industry data available based on which they take decisions relating to their customers, products, budget, market segment and future campaigns.

But they do not realize that the general data available is not specific to their company and their customers.


With the advancement of technology machine learning business intelligence can offer accurate and detailed data relating to your company and industry.

You not only will get great assistance, but you also can cater to consumer preferences, send out relevant communication and also foresee customer needs using machine learning.

There are a lot of social media analytics tools that offer social media analytics or social media metrics.

ÔÇ£If youÔÇÖre a business, the takeaway is that sharing without analytics is essentially useless, that engagement is not as valuable as insight, and that seeing things in context is more important than being popularÔÇØ - Says Brian Solis, Principal Analyst and futurist at Altimeter

Collecting data specific to your organization and analyzing the data helps you to target customers better, gain competitive advantage, introduce marketing innovation, learn from the behavior of your customers and enhance your products offering

There are tools such as Brand24, Brandwatch and Cyfe that help brands to pull data-driven insights from various social media accounts.

3. Offering No Personalization

How often do you get annoyed by emails that land in your inbox that donÔÇÖt offer any personalization? You immediately know that this is one sent as a bulk email and has been sent to many more like you.

It will be trashed immediately and most likely blocked by the potential customers.


Knowing that the average reader has attention of a gold fish, grabbing the attention of your potential customer in the first few seconds is very crucial for your business. This can be achieved by personalizing your media content.

One of the most important factors of any personalization effort is to tell your customers that youÔÇÖre paying attention to them. But it is important not to overdo. Know the difference between ÔÇ£You might find this usefulÔÇØ and ÔÇ£weÔÇÖre watching you. Conduct careful data gathering, research, testing and planning before you launch any of these personalization initiatives.

Plan and build high value content that can generate interest from your audience. Knowing your audience is the first and the only thing that you should care about. Ask yourself some key questions such as to

  • Who is the user of your product?
  • Which age group is more likely to use your product?
  • Who are they following on social media? Who is their hero on social media?
  • When are they most active on social media?
  • When you answer these questions it becomes easy for you to personalize your marketing content and messages

With the advent of technology, variety of tools has made it possible and easy for the marketers to conduct the research for their right audience and it identify the right personalization required for different set of audience.

Tools such as Cloohawk, can help you to personalize the content based on your target audience. The list of audience is generated based on their profile, their areas of interests and their recent activities.  With this help of this list, it is easy for you to send personalized messages and content. With the help of Artificial intelligence, Cloohawk not only gathers information needed to provide customization but can also help to integrate it into your marketing strategies.

4. Text Only Or Visuals Only Content

As a social media marketer who is responsible for creating and publishing content, it often is seen that many business still follow the text only method or share few pictures and feel that the content is enough to drive more customers to your landing page.

But unfortunately, this is an age old marketing technique where one or just two methods of content distribution is employed as part of marketing its products. Also some businesses feel that sending a lot of content will do the trick.


Content is used for increasing brand awareness, engaging with audience, customer attraction and retention, and lead generation.

Creating compelling content that will get someone to stop and engage with you is the key to content creation.

TodayÔÇÖs audience wants to know more and understand more before making any buying decisions, Hence it becomes more important for brands to share informative and educational content that can answer their queries relating to a problem that they are facing.

Your audience is craving for unique, informative and educational content.

Visual content can be processed faster and better to produce a stronger reaction when compared to any other type of content. Share impressive visuals to attract the attention of the social media users. Also make a note that posting humorous and funny content on your social media will liven up your marketing efforts. Behind the scenes content is essential to build relationship and trust that is required to connect the audience to the people behind the brands.

Brands should share informative content, videos and images that relate to the brand and thereby offer variety and cater to different types of audience who love different kind of content.

Social media tools such as Feedly, Forekast, BuzzSumo and Almighty Press come to our rescue at this point of time. You can use the ideas and suggestions offered by these tools to generate and curate content.

5. Relying on Manual and Repetitive Methods

When a company is first introduced to market, it would have followed methods that are simple and manual due to the low volume of marketing activities.  But as the company starts to grow, itÔÇÖs impossible to maintain a one on one relationship with each of your customers and potential customers. Eventually, when your companyÔÇÖs marketing program grows bigger, you canÔÇÖt manage with manual methods by using just excel and email. The problem is that many companies struggle to move out of the manual and repetitive nature of activities, thereby spending countless hours in managing the marketing activities.


This is where automation and intelligent tools come into picture. With social media marketing taking prime importance in your marketing strategy, most of the marketers wear multiple hats that require them to monitor audience conversations, respond to queries, create and schedule content, plan campaigns, and much more.

The best way to overcome the hurdle of limited time is to seek automation for some of the processes that are repetitive and manual in nature. The key for social media marketing is to find automation tools that will cater to the ever changing needs of social media.

There are many automation tools such as Cloohawk, Socialert, Hootsuite, and MeetEdgar that offer numerous features and automated workflows that will make social media marketing less of a headache. This will allow your precious time to be diverted to the more important tasks that will bring in higher revenues to your business.

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Many brands are still relying on age old marketing practices and worry about the declining sales. With social media around, there have to be changes by embracing the latest into your marketing strategies.

Identify the marketing tactics that no longer are relevant and effective for your business.  First and foremost build genuine understanding about your customers by researching their behavior and interests. Gather and analyze customer data to personalize the messages and content to be sent to them.

Make sure not to annoy your audience by sending same and boring content. Bring in variety of content to appeal to your vast customer base. And finally embrace automation into your marketing activities by employing intelligent tools to replace your monotonous and repetitive marketing tasks. With these actions, itÔÇÖs assured that you will be upgraded to the latest marketing practices.

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