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Aug 10, 2018

5 Tips To Promote Your Content That Can Boost Traffic And Engagement

5 Tips To Promote Your Content That Can Boost Traffic And Engagement

Content creation is no doubt a big part of your overall social media marketing equation. But content promotion is the most overlooked aspect of your content marketing efforts.

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers explains how content creation and content promotion should follow the 80:20 split; 80 percent promotion and 20 percent creation.  That equals to a large amount of your time towards finding creative ways to promote your content.

Here, I will cover 5 tips to promote your content that can boost traffic and engagement. Most of the successful social media marketers are using these techniques and tips to reap the benefits of content promotion.

1. Cross Post Your Content On Multiple Social Media Platforms

Cross posting refers to sharing a piece of content across multiple social channels at the same time. This will make your content visible to different set of audience who might not be active on a particular platform.  Cross posting the same piece of content will help you to retain your existing audience, widen your social reach and attract new followers.

Your content will gain higher exposure when you cross-promote on various  social media networks. Social media users generally have a strong preference towards one or two social networks. For example, a social media user might like Facebook and Twitter and hence log into them daily. But he might not visit LinkedIn or Instagram every day. Hence cross promoting content assures you of reaching these types of users by posting your content across different channels.

Writing quality content is time consuming as we all know, but if promoting content on multiple platforms for customers who are on different platforms is also taking away too much of your time then you should consider using social media management tools that can cut your task by automatically posting your content to multiple social media networks.

Buffer is a scheduling tool that saves time by managing multiple social media profiles from one central place. You log into Buffer Just once and manage sharing content and scheduling content.



2. Share Your Content Multiple Times

Sharing your social content multiple times is an easy way to promote your content and increase its performance. The more times you share, the more chances of your content reaching your target audience!

As per a research conducted by CoSchedule,ÔÇ£ Sharing the same piece of content multiple times on social post multiple drove 192% more click-throughsÔÇØ

Posting your content multiple times will end up finding new and broader audience who might be interested in your content and further share it in their social circles, adding to your promotion efforts.

Many times your audienceÔÇÖs time zone is different than your posting time. Your audience might be checking their social media only once a day and may be at a particular time and thereby miss posts outside of their time zone. Here posting your content multiple times will make up the loss of un-viewed posts. 

Posting the same content at different time zones will place your content on your audienceÔÇÖs timelines and will grab their attention. You might have noticed that when you publish your content multiple times, you got higher website traffic.

With the help of social media tools such as Cloohawk, you can find the best content and post it multiple times, and moreover post it at the best time as suggested by Cloohawk.

See how BuzzFeed got additional likes and retweets when it repeated its posts multiple times.


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3. Submit Your Content On Blog Aggregators And Communities

Blog aggregators are websites collect content from different sources relating to a variety of topics that are of interest to the readers. You can share your content on the blog aggregators where your content will be upvoted and liked and commented by other community members.

When you share your content on such blog aggregators, you are promoting your content to thousands of readers who are on these different websites. When the content is truly informative and inspiring, it will gather many upvotes and rise to the top thereby giving you the much needed exposure.

There are a lot of blog aggregators such as the Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, BizSugar, AllTop and Triberr.

Another way to promote content is by posting your content on communities. Start finding places that have a lot of people that fit into your target audience so that you can share your content with them on such communities. Start by exploring and find communities with your target audience. Start forming relationship and engage with the community members by sharing content that is really worth for the forum.

The greatest value add of a community is that someone has already created the community of like-minded people where you can start posting your content immediately without spending any time in searching your target audience.

See how Cloohawk has posted one of its article on a linkedIn group that has 513,801 like- minded people.



4. Create Easily Shareable Snippets

HavenÔÇÖt the Social networks born due to the desire of people to share?

WhatÔÇÖs the use of content that cannot be easily shared, while we have millions of people who are eager to share interesting content in their social circles? Content from blogs, websites and social media can be easily shared across platforms with the help of plugins. It makes the sharing very easy just with the click of a mouse.

Add interesting quotes, statistics, and important information into your blog content. Then share the content as snippets on all your social media profiles and continue to do so over the next few days. Make the sharing buttons highly visible around the content that you publish. Highlight the snippet that you want to share.  

Add plugins such as click to tweet, highlight and share, Addthis, ImageHover Lite, etc. that help you to highlight a piece of content or image and easily share it on social media.

See the below example where I highlighted a piece of content from my blog on Medium, and shared it on Twitter.  ItÔÇÖs an easy way to promote content from one platform to another.



5. Distribute Your Content Using Your Email List

Using Emails is a proactive and a strategic way of promoting your content.  It is really useful to increase page views and enhance reader engagement.

Sharing content over email can take different forms. It can be sent out as a newsletter, PDF compilation of top content, personalized email with the link to your latest content and so on.

According to Campaign Monitor, youÔÇÖre six times more likely to get a click from an email campaign than a tweet.

When you are ready with a new piece of interesting content, send out a short teaser to your mail list to encourage them to click.  Tools such as Ninjaoutreach will be a best bet when you are struggling to find a way to contact all your potential customers.

Emailing your content to your existing followers gives you an opportunity to reinforce some of your best and recent content. When some of the readers enjoy the content, chances of them sharing it further will he high.

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When you want your content to serve its rightful purpose, you should be proactive with your content promotion.

No doubt content can bring in traffic to your website and thereby increase sales, but it can happen only when you are taking the right steps in promoting your content.

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