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Feb 09, 2018

5 Ways to Generate Leads on Twitter

5 Ways to Generate Leads on Twitter

Twitter is a powerhouse and an excellent medium to build leads for your brand by utilising the different Twitter Promotion strategies. Most marketers vouch by Twitter promotions for their success and growth.  

Twitter promotion is an amazing way to reach out to prospects who can be converted in to leads on Twitter and eventually into sales.

But the surprising fact is that only 40% or lesser marketers are using Twitter properly to generate leads.

When I started on Twitter, I didnÔÇÖt know the ways in which I can generate leads on Twitter and the way to grow my brand. But after extensive trials on Twitter, I have realised that there are specific and effective ways to generate leads on Twitter that will give excellent results when applied on your brand.

Here are 5 Ways to generate leads on Twitter:

  1. Run Successful Twitter Contests

A Twitter contest is a great way to generate leads on Twitter and to promote your brand. It not just builds great amount of buzz around your brand, but it also increases engagement.

Twitter Contests generate more followers and builds your brand image.

Many brands choose Twitter contests over paid advertisement since it is very easy and effective at building your brand engagement.

The contests should be very simple to understand and easy to participate, else the likelihood of people participating will be very less.

For example, the contest below is very clear on what people need to do to enter the contest.  



  1. Find the Best Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags are extremely popular in Twitter and should be used by brands to assist in their efforts to generate leads on Twitter. Leverage trending hashtags to increase your reach.

When you include trending and popular Twitter hashtags in your social media posts, it acts as a great way to enhance your post to find higher reach beyond your followers list.

A popular hash tag will get to in front of all people on Twitter who are discussing about that topic.  There are a lot of tools such as #tagdef, Trendsmap, Cloohawk,, Tagboard, etc., that will help you to find the trending hashtags.



  1. Reach out to Twitter Influencers

In todayÔÇÖs world, a word of mouth and recommendation from peers is the strongest form of building trust and confidence in your audience. Twitter influencers generally have a large number of followers and the power to influence their followers.

A Twitter influencer who mentions your brand name, share your posts, retweet or like your content, will go a long way in amplifying your brand image.

For example @TylerOakley  has 2 million Twitter followers. He being a fan of Taco Bell, constantly promotes the brand which helped Taco Bell gain more popularity and promote their brand.

Twitter campaign


  1. Partner Up With Other Brands on Twitter

It will be a great idea to partner up with other brands since it exposes your brand to a new set of audience and thereby promotes your brand, which eventually helps to generate leads on Twitter.

Social media marketing is all about building relationship with consumers as well as your other partners in the industry.

Co-brand with a partner to raise your brand profile. It will be a mutual partnership where you provide additional exposure for your partner while they lend their brand influence to your promotion. You can also get partners to sponsor prizes for a contest.

For example see how Mezzetta  partnered with many partners to launch a contest thereby giving it an advantage of a huge integrated marketing program.

Twitter campaign


  1. Promote Events on Twitter

Important seasonal events such as thanksgiving, Christmas and new year, or industry events such as trade shows, conferences and meetings are a good way to kick start your effort of generating leads on Twitter. Use the hashtag relevant to the event and keep conversations focused on the event.

Many events such as WomenÔÇÖs day, MotherÔÇÖs Day, Graduation etc. generally create spikes in Twitter conversation. Create engaging tweets that highlight the event to gain more followers and raise interest in your brand.

For example, see how the Tide is using the MotherÔÇÖs day event to give credit to women who multi-task but at the same time promoting their own brand in it.

Twitter Leads



As an important component of your brand building strategy is to promote your product on Twitter. It can push your efforts of generating leads on Twitter to the next level.

Whether you are a marketer who is bent upon increasing sales or a business man looking to grow your brand, Twitter is a great platform that will lead you up to your goals.

If you know how to use Twitter strategically, it will get you engagement with customers, increases your reach, builds your brand and generates leads on Twitter.


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