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Feb 01, 2018

5 White Hat SEO Strategies That Generates Higher Traffic

5 White Hat SEO Strategies that generates higher traffic

ÔÇ£It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you will do things differentlyÔÇØ says Warren Buffett, the American business magnet.

The same holds good for building a successful marketing strategy. The white hat SEO technique is one of the most ethical ways of building your website.  

White hat SEO techniques refer to search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that follow the terms and conditions of all the major search engines, including Google.

The marketers who follow white hat SEO strategy are dedicated to create quality content the hard way by using the SEO tools and techniques to maintaining the integrity of their website and staying within the rules and regulations of the search engines.  

White hat SEO techinues include offering quality content, descriptive key words, fast loading and easy site navigation.  

Black hat SEO is a sharp contrast to White hat SEO. It includes applying tactics that are deceitful for consumers. Purchasing links, key word stuffing, automation in content and tiered link building are some of the black hat tactics which can be extremely risky and can be detrimental for your business since it can get your website banned from Google and other top search engines.

Many a times you would question yourself whether you should implement the white hat SEO strategies. There is no doubt, you should definitely do it !

Just think about all the hard work that you have put it for your website and then image if you were banned from the most popular search engines. Nothing could be worse than getting banned from Google and with no guarantee that you can be listed again. This ban could mean the end of your brand.  

Implementing White Hat SEO techniques is the only best long term way to create an ethical and sustainably successful website and business.

Here are Top 5 White Hat SEO techniques that will make your SEO methods strictly white hat.

#1 Content Creation

Generate unique, insightful and quality content which is one of the most effective ways of getting better ranking.

ÔÇÿ82% of marketers who blog every single day acquire customers on their websitesÔÇÖ

Generate content that covers all aspects of a topic including its features, history, usability, etc. Add multiple pages, images, videos and infographics to cover all that your reader would have asked for. Studies also show that long-form content gives higher ranking than short-form content. It could simply be because it has more details and specifics included into one single article.            

long form of content

So for higher ranking ensure that your content is comprehensive and relevant to your audience.

#2 High Quality Link Building

Studies have shown that ÔÇÿhigher the backlinks a page has, greater are the chances of a higher rank on GoogleÔÇÖ. This is one of the most common white hat SEO technique.

Backlink continues to be the strongest indicator for Google to rank a website on first page.  Over years Google has built intelligent algorithms that can weed out the bad links.  But more links still results in a higher score, with a difference that they should originate from diverse and authoritative domains.

Derek Miller, SEO Manager at CopyPress says, ÔÇ£When it comes to building backlinks the best tip I can offer is creating a link-worthy resource on your siteÔÇØ



There are only two simple steps to link building:

  1. First create high-quality content and
  2. Promote it.

Take the help of testimonials, guest blogging, social media, forums and mutual partnerships to gain backlinks.

#3 Add Relevant Keywords

Keyword is the first thing that you should learn to optimize when you start with white hat SEO strategy. Keywords have been the most efficient technique to get a high rank for your websites.  It is a powerful tool in the SEO world.

Choose relevant keywords and include them throughout your content, but not to overdo it by adding too many keywords.

You can use Google search to find the keywords.

For example, Google will automatically suggest a search query when you start typing anything in Google. With this, you can create a list of keywords for your article.                                             


You can also use tools such as keywordplanner and Ahrefs to search keywords to get your website a higher ranking.

#4 Easy Site Navigation

This could be one of the aspects that can be easily neglected when it comes to white hat SEO strategy. Your website could have grown organically without much thought to its structure leading to a scattered mess.

In fact your website should be the most important parts of your SEO strategy. It should be streamlined to logically categorize the webpages and should look like an organized filing system. The website crawlers should enjoy the experience which means a higher rank for your website.                                                         


The users are the main reason why you built the website in the first place. The easier you make it for the users to navigate through a simple and well planned website, higher are the chances that they will dwell on your site lowering the bounce rate.

#5 Mobile Friendly

A few years back, this would not have featured in the top 5 techniques for white hat SEO. But now its relevance is 100 fold increased since mobiles are the highly used device to browse the websites.

More than 60% of searches are now performed on a mobile device daily.

This definitely is a message loud and clear that you simply cannot have a website that is difficult to view on a mobile device.


Your website should be optimized for screen width and should be easy to read. There are mobile testing tools that can be used to check if you website is being mobile friendly.


ÔÇ£White hat SEO Strategies are much more effective now than in the previous years. GoogleÔÇÖs AI is constantly improving and the webmasters that focus on a good user experience tend to be rewardedÔÇØ says Tom Woodley, founder of Woodley Marketing. 

Always remember that though black hat SEO strategies can get you a fast ranking that you always wished for, it wonÔÇÖt last long. Google is getting smarter by the day, and any such tricks that you implement will be momentary.

Start white hat SEO strategies with a realistic goal. Ranking a website is a continuous process, and does not happen overnight. The above 5 strategies will help you to slowly and steadily achieve your goal.

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