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Mar 19, 2018

6 Proven Tactics to Increase Social Media Followers

6 Proven Tactics to Increase Social Media Followers

Try asking a social media marketer or for that matter any social media user, what is that one thing they would like to change about their social media account.  And without any doubt, the answer will be ÔÇô To Increase social media followers.

According to social media studies

ÔÇ£Increase in followers remains a top priority for most of the brandsÔÇØ

For all social media marketers, increasing their follower count is a continuous battle that they have to fight every single day.

Most of the businesses look at increasing followers since they perceive them as potential customers and supporters of their brand.

In the recent years, social media marketing has grown multiple bounds and has made its way into the marketing strategies of every single business owner.

Every marketer starts with an aim to increase followers on social media. Without having a good amount of followers for your account, you will fail at pushing your brand forward.

Why are followers necessary?

Ask yourself. How important is the follower count for you?

Does it really matter for your brand? Are you planning and sketching your marketing strategy based on your follower count?

Higher number of followers gives you larger reach since your content is seen by higher number of people. Just remember that on social media space, the connections are like a spider web.

Someone is connected to someone else and even if they are not your direct followers they might get interested in your brand after seeing it on their friendÔÇÖs timeline.

Ultimately more the followers you have, further your content will travel

How to Increase social media followers?

For any social media marketer, every additional follower means higher chances of a sale. Such is the importance of a follower. But unfortunately there is no magic wand to increase the number of followers who will remain engaged with your brand.

You have to build it brick by brick over a period of time.

But luckily there is a lot of research done on this topic and there are excellent tips available on how to increase social media followers. When you incorporate them into your social media marketing campaign, your followers are sure to grow consistently.

Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Informers have 2x more followers than the meformers

How annoyed have you felt when you see posts on social media where people talk only about a brand or a product all the time? 

Yes itÔÇÖs true that only 20% of people use social media for sharing information (informers) while 80% post promotion content (meformers).

But how does this connect to having more followers? There is a direct relationship.

Informers have 2x times more followers than the meformers.



This clearly is an indication that you need to start sharing more information so that your audience will see value in your posts and will start following you.

2. Show Your Brand Personality by building an impact

Just having an impressive profile picture and bio will not take you anywhere ahead of a just a few followers.  People today are very choosy about the brand that they follow.

In fact study reveals that ÔÇÿ81% expect that their favourite brands should be socially responsibleÔÇÖ.


Start building an impact around your brand by discussing on topics that interest your users. This is a way to engage with audience and get them to participate. Impress them with your posts relating to the topic of their interest thereby enticing them to like or share your posts.

3. Connect with brands, influencers and thought leaders

Start following the industry leaders, influencers in your domain and other social impacting brands. Connection that you build with industry influencers is going to be a huge positive strategy for your brand to move forward. A tool like Cloohawk will make it easier to identify your most influential users so that you can connect to them instantly.


Most of the users interested in a particular topic will be followers of the influencers of the same domain. This common connection will help you to get more followers.

Connect with influential speakers on social media and take the opportunity to engage with the speaker who might make a mention of your conversation in his social platform thereby exposing you to his numerous followers.

And there you go, you might end up with few more followers who are impressed with your engagement with the leader.

  1. 52% follow Brands for special offers or promotions

For all the brands that are working hard to get more followers on social media, it will help to know that one of the top reasons why users follow a brand is due to the discounts and offers.

ItÔÇÖs interesting to know that informative content alone is not the driver for follower count. Users start following a brand since the brand extends promotions, special offers and freebies.


Promotions have the ability to draw audience to your social page. Deals can be offered in the form of coupons and discount to attract audience which inturn is a means to increase traffic to your social media page.

5. Emotion Drives People Closer to you

Being human and showing emotion in your content is a great way to attract more followers.  Happiness is such an emotion that connects with peopleÔÇÖs experiences.

Share happy story of the day or from an event that happened in your business. Share a joke that pulls the crowd and makes the situation light.

Most the social media campaigns miss out on emotion which is why you are missing out on getting more followers.

You should add at least one of the 5 emotions; admiration, interest, serenity, amazement and astonishment according to the studies on social media management.


Whenever you are posting content, without your knowledge you are prompting some kind of emotion, and it could be boredom, irritation, frustration, etc.

To make the most of the content that you post, share happiness by sending colourful images, positive quotes. This builds your image as a friendly and a happy brand. This is bound to attract more followers.

6. Make use of the paid advertising

After rolling out the free or the most cost effective solutions to increase followers, you might have been happier than before to see that your follower count is slowly and steadily increasing.

Now itÔÇÖs time to take the next step. Utilize the paid advertising available on the social networks. When we all know that organic view on social media is getting tougher by the day, it is an intelligent move to invest in paid advertising.

Social networks are emerging out smarter than before and they encourage you to pay to play.


Paid Ads

Social media advertising is no doubt one of the most cost-effective methods of getting more followers. Social platforms partner with third parties to get the best targeting capabilities.


So for long you have been wondering how on earth some people manage to get thousands of followers!

For any social media marketer, the ultimate goal is to convert social media page into an effective lead generation machine. For this, you have to first generate a fan following.

Higher the number of followers better will be your reach.

And we do know that a better reach means ultimately higher potential to generate more leads. So go ahead and apply the tips to increase social media followers.

Do you want to increase your social media reach 5X?

No, I don't want to do well on social media


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