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Aug 07, 2018

7 Brand Actions on Social Media that Drives Consumers To Purchase

7 Brand Actions on Social Media that Drives Consumers To Purchase

Have you wondered if social media is the biggest influencer of consumer buying behavior?

Social media has long back graduated from a just being a catch up place for friends into a platform for marketing. Social media has a major influencer on the purchasing decisions of consumers.

Social media is a platform where brands can share informative content, videos and images that relate to the brand. When this content is being shared across friends and influencers on different social media platforms, it starts to impact the consumer decision making as people are noticing the comments and feedback posted by friends and other users who have purchased the product.

According to Gartner research, 84% of millennials are likely to be influenced to make a purchase based upon user generated content that is created by strangers.

Social media, if done properly, can be a goldmine, where brands can increase their brand awareness. It can influence the buying decisions of their followers on social media.

Here are 7 Brand Actions on Social Media that Drives Consumers To Purchase:

  1. Being Responsive on Social Media

According to a survey from Bazaarvoice,

ÔÇ£A customerÔÇÖs intent to purchase is increased by 186% when brands respondÔÇØ.

Increasingly social media has become the new customer service medium. When brands respond and participate in social media conversation with their audience, it is more likely for customers and advocates also participating in the conversation. This basically is like building your own sales and marketing team.  

With the help of social media tools such as Cloohawk, It becomes easier to monitor the mentions and keywords that your audience is talking about. You can quickly respond to your audience thereby making them satisfied with your responsiveness.  This will get the audience one step closer to making a purchase.

  1. Offer Promotions/Discounts

Social media promotion is good way to kick start your marketing initiatives that will ultimately lead you towards driving sales.

Social promotions are very tricky. If you go overboard, you will end up spamming your audience. Social promotions should be used carefully to reward loyal customers in addition to offering incentives to new buyers.

Ensure that your promotions are directly related to your business. There is no point in engaging with a bunch of people who are not connected to your business and might not purchase from your business.

Promotion is a way to extend your engagement efforts with audience by offering a valuable offer based on the interest of your social media audience.  Social media promotion amplifies your marketing efforts and leads you closer to making a sale.

  1. Providing Educational Content

Your social media audience is craving for unique, informative and educational content.

You are creating content with an aim that audience will read and eventually convert into leads. But if you want them to read your content, should it not offer value and educate your audience about an area that is bothering them?

When your articles offer educational content, you notice that your social media audience will click and share far more than other articles.

ÔÇ£Social media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide you.ÔÇØ

says Matt Goulart, Digital marketing executive of big brands.

Invest your time to pay attention to your userÔÇÖs need by offering educational content that improves their knowledge on a particular problem that they are facing. Make them feel important and cared for. It will surely get the users to be more interested towards your brands thereby generating more sales.

  1. Sharing Interesting Visuals

Did you know that eyes can process 36,000 visual messages per hour!! Quite impressive, right?

Visuals can be processed faster and better to produce a stronger reaction when compared to any other type of content. Visuals influence the retention of the information and there by increases user engagement, leading to a purchase.

Visual marketing is making waves ever since 2017, and it is here to stay, with the ever increasing popularity of smart phones.

'Not doing short video is not an option'  says Kat Hahn, FacebookÔÇÖs Creative Strategist.

Sharing impressive visuals, which attract the attention of the social media users and pushes them to share it further in their network, is the first step to push customers towards a sale.  Visual content tends to catch the eye of readers who are quickly scrolling down the various social media feeds.

Take charge. Create more visuals which are a powerful medium to share stories, drive emotion and increase sales.

  1. Marketing with Humor

Social media marketing is often used for serious business objectives such as increasing sales. However, posting humorous and funny content on your social media accounts can infact liven up your marketing efforts.

The biggest challenge of adding humor on social media posts is to make sure that it is short and crisp and to avoid the bad puns. You need to understand how to effectively use humor for social media marketing. Humor will allow your content and your brand to reach a larger audience.

The first step is to build your brand image and to see how humor will fit into your brand voice. You should consider the product or services you offer, and check whether it lends itself into being associated with humor.

Humor releases positive emotions, can bring the audience together, makes your brand memorable and makes your brand more human. These factors drive more audience towards your brand thereby pushing more sales.

  1. Offer Exclusive Content

Content ultimately reigns supreme in the social media space and is an important component of any social media strategy. With the help of unique and exclusive content on your social media pages, you can convince the hot leads and lead them into buying your products. 

Your social media audiences gravitate towards and engage with content that they find compelling and relevant on social media. Hence it of paramount importance that brands produce quality content that is unique to your brand.

When your social media Channel offers exclusive and unique content to its audiences, then audiences feel a legitimate and tangible incentive to follow and monitor the brand.

Since there are multiple social media platforms, mastering the best-practices of each platform will elevate your contentÔÇÖs visibility. When users find your content exclusive, they are more likely to engage with your content by liking it and sharing it. This drives awareness that will eventually lead to increased web traffic and sales.

  1. Provide Behind the Scenes Content

Behind the scenes content offers a glimpse into the process and people that make an organization tick. With the given distance that is growing between brand and culture, taking audiences "behind the scenes" helps to prove that the company is indeed practicing what it preaches.

Behind the scene content humanizes your company. It helps you to show the love that you have for your audience.  You can depict all the fun that goes into making a product that your audience is contemplating to buy at the moment.

Behind the scenes content is essential to build relationship and trust that is required to connect the audience to the people behind the brands.

This type of content triggers actions such as liking, sharing and commenting thereby shifting the viewers into promoters. 

ThatÔÇÖs exactly what every brand needs to increase its sales.


Consumers purchase products to solve a problem that they are facing or to increase happiness or pleasure or to stay trendy, or for any other particular reason.  Hence the best way brands can sell their products is to find different ways to influence audience purchase their products. It is important to show how your products can solve an existing problem

When social networks influence 74% of consumersÔÇÖ buying decisions, it is important for brands to establish a very big presence on social media. These actions take up by brands on social media will help a brand to drive consumers to make the purchase decision.

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