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May 08, 2019

7 Content Marketing Goals That Are Important for Your Business

7 Content Marketing Goals That Are Important for Your Business

Brands are looking for various ways to keep their business successful using cutting-edge marketing strategies. Content marketing is the solution to remain relevant and, more importantly, efficient and effective in today’s world that is leaning towards social media marketing.

Content marketing is part of the marketing strategy, where the focus in on creating, publishing and distributing content to the target audience. Content marketing can be done through social media, e-books, newsletters, blogs and videos. These pieces of content are useful to share information about your brand with your ideal buyer.

A well-considered approach towards the creation and distribution of valuable content to your potential customers is the need of the hour. The content that you are planning to create should be created with your business goals in mind. 

Define the Who, Where, What, Why, When, and How of your content marketing based on your business goals. Content marketing goals should fit well into the overall marketing strategy of the business.

Goal setting is the visualization of the end result of your content marketing. For example, your end result might be to achieve a 10% increase in qualified leads.

Brands need to have a clear vision of what the content should achieve in business.  

Content marketing is emerging as one of the most effective and practical marketing strategies to reach and engage more quality leads.

Here are 7 Content Marketing Goals That Are Important for Your Business:

  1. To Attract Potential Customers

7 Content Marketing Goals That Are Important for Your Business-Attract Potential Customers

 Your ultimate business goal is to find new customers and convert them into sales. But finding new customers can be an uphill task if you are not following the right path. 

Content marketing is about creating enriching content experience for your customers so that they are attracted to your content and then ultimately to your brand. The key to content marketing is to align the right and relevant content with the right audience.

A constant dialogue between the customer and the brand is essential to keep the relationship strong. Attractive and informative content can glue the customers to your brand.

  1. To Retain And Delight Customers

7 Content Marketing Goals That Are Important for Your Business-Delight customers

Your customers are the lifeline of your business. Many a times we are so focused on acquiring new customers that we forget about the existing customers and fail to retain our current customers.

According to marketing statistics there is a 70-percent chance that the existing customer will make at least one more purchase after previously purchasing from your company

As soon as a person signs up for your products, you should work on a customer retention strategy that has the ability to identify, keep track and sell more to already existing customers who have the potential to become your long-term sources of revenue.

Content marketing is a remedy for your customer retention, which is your important business goal.

Update your content frequently and offer informative blog posts, How-to-do guides, FAQs, product demos, podcasts and any other form of content that helps you to retain customers.

  1. To Showcase The Benefits Of Your Products

7 Content Marketing Goals That Are Important for Your Business-Product benefits

When people come across a problem, they start searching for a solution. But most of the times people do not know which product or service will solve their problems. This is the awareness stage.

How do people get to know about your product? 

A large section of the audience gets to know your brand through the content that is distributed on social media, blogs, forums and journals.

Content marketing is key to build brand awareness about your product and services.

In order to increase your product awareness, it is important to deliver the right content to the right customer at the right time.

As per a HubSpot survey, only 29% of people prefer to talk to a salesperson to learn more about a product, while 62% will consult a search engine.

Create product demo, how-to-do videos, testimonials, knowledge bank, and more of such informative content that reveals valuable and useful information about your products. This information will help people understand solutions to problems. 

  1. To Handle Prospect Objections

7 Content Marketing Goals That Are Important for Your Business-Prospect objections

Prospect objections are part of every sales funnel. It is important to learn to handle prospect objections at every stage. Common sales objections come in the form of price, product benefits and comparison to competitors.

Your content should build enough thought leadership pieces to be offered to your prospects through re-targeting ads and nurturing campaigns.

You should post more content on your corporate blogs, social media and other forums so that your prospect has more resources to refer when they come across specific questions relating to your product. Your content should cover topics that solve the problems of your prospects.

It is important to explain about the areas that are causing confusion to your prospect and to cover all such topics that they do not understand easily.

With excellent content marketing, other objections relating to cost, returns, value, worth, competitors, problems, timing, etc. can be clarified to the prospect.

  1. To Build Online Reputation

7 Content Marketing Goals That Are Important for Your Business-Build online reputation

Brand reputation is always important, but when it comes to online reputation it is a factor that can make or break your business. Building reputation is no different than building the brand. It requires dedicated efforts over a long period of time where you need to constantly prove to your customers that they can lay their trust on your brand.

Content that you produce, has the ability to create a reputation that you intend for your brand. Make sure to enrich your articles with educational content, creative infographics, informative charts and impressive pictures. This builds your reputation as an expert in the industry.

Your audience on social media are looking out for authentic content relating to their pain areas. When you publish content of their interest, you gain their interest and gradually you can build your reputation as an industry expert.

Offer step-by-step instructions, how-to-do videos, product demos that describe and solve major issues that exist in your industry. Such educational and informative content adds enormous value to your readers thereby giving you a huge online reputation. 

Educational content helps to position your brand as an authority. They start to look at you as a source of free, reliable and useful knowledge. When you focus on teaching, and not selling, you gain online reputation.

  1. To Drive Website Traffic

7 Content Marketing Goals That Are Important for Your Business-Website Traffic

Driving website traffic is one of the most important aspects of running a business, specially an online business. The higher the number of people visit your website, the higher are the chances of making a sale.

Generate unique, insightful and quality content which is one of the most effective ways of getting better ranking.

82% of marketers who blog every single day acquire customers on their websites

Content from blogs, websites and social media should be shared across platforms with the help of plugins. Sharing should be very easy, just with the click of a mouse.

Create longer posts with an in-depth research about your topic and write it with highest quality. And if you want additional boost to your website traffic, don’t forget to add relevant images to your content.

You can get tons of website traffic with content marketing that is made up of quality content.

  1. To Generate Leads

7 Content Marketing Goals That Are Important for Your Business-Generate Leads

Great content attracts audience, which inturn generates leads. When you have leads, you will be in a position to convert it into sales. You notice that content is the starting point for most of the leads.

Content is the base for all your lead generation and lead nurturing efforts. Brands and marketers are relying on content to help leads overcome their challenges and solve their problems.  If your content is able to deliver what they are looking for, you will succeed in building their confidence. 

This won’t happen overnight. Consistently delivering on well-researched content, case studies, white papers, testimonials and e-books will eventually lead towards higher and more qualified leads.


When you start relooking at your content marketing goals, make enough space for all the above 7 content marketing goals to fit well into your overall business goals. Content marketing should be pursued with a goal of attracting more qualified leads and to nurture customer relationships using educative and informative content.

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