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May 21, 2018

7 Effective Ways of Using Social Media Management Tools to Develop Your Social Strategy

7 Effective Ways of Using Social Media Management Tools to Develop Your Social Strategy

Before buying a product, donÔÇÖt we all check for the review of the product so that we can make a wise decision based on the feedback from customers who have already used the products?

My first few checks happen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and few other social networks.

ÔÇÿSocial networks have emerged as the 2nd most popular methods of  researching brands, just behind search enginesÔÇÖ, according to research data.

Brand should grab this opportunity and utilize social platforms as one of their important channels to nurture and grow customer relationships.

But itÔÇÖs not as easy as it seems to be.

A social media marketer who is managing the social media strategy will actually know the hard work that goes behind a successful social media presence of any given brand.

It can be quite an overwhelming task to create and curare content, add images and videos into the social media strategy, find interesting content to engage with audience, monitor brand mentions, watch out competitors and most important, distribute content and increase engagement with audience.

In a highly competitive content marketplace, simply relying on manual efforts will lead you nowhere. You will exhaust all your efforts and time in keeping up with the algorithm updates and changes on the social platforms and all other major search engines.

As a result itÔÇÖs time for social media marketers to make use of the social media management tools to develop a successful social media strategy.

But selecting the right tools that will fit into your marketing strategy is also a big task, as there are hundreds of social media management tools available.

From the several alternatives available, you should weigh the unique benefits that the tools will bring into your social strategy.  

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How to choose a social media management tool that is best for you?

Before you even look at the list of social media management tools that are available, it will be a worthwhile effort to ponder over your requirements.

There are few important factors that you should consideration while deciding on the social media management tools:

  1. Pain points

What is first thing that is driving you to implement a social media management tool?

Is it content creation, scheduling or distribution? There can be many different reasons why you need a social media management tool. 

While you would like most of the tasks to be taken care by the tools, you should list down your top 5 pain points and based on these pain areas, you should focus on selecting a tool that can address these pain points.

  1. Features that address your pain points

Each social media management tool offers exclusive features that can address different requirements of the social media manager. Look out for all the features that are offered by the tools and note down the strengths of the tools.

While some tools are focusing highly on content some could be focusing on distribution. Hence knowing the features will help you to decide the right tool for your brand.

  1. Automation

The main intention of moving towards a social media management tool is to reduce your efforts on social media management. Hence explore the automation options of various tools.

Some tools have high potential in increasing the automation around audience engagement, content identification and content distribution. Based on your core requirements you should be able to identify the tools that solve the purpose of employing the tools for your brand.

  1. Budget

This is one of the major factors that influence your decision on the selecting the social media management tool. Look at the different features available for different plans. Don't just blindly sign up for the basic plan without seeing the specific features offered in that plan.

Compare different tools that offer different features at different plans. Your decision should be highly influenced by the features offered rather than just the cost.

How to Use Social Media Management Tools to Develop Your Social Strategy

Here is a list of 7 ways in which you can use social media management tools:

  • Content Ideas

  • Scheduling Content

  • Engage With Influencers

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Engage with Audience

  • Automation

  • Analytics

Let's take a look at each of the ways to use social media management tools effectively for your business.

1. Content Ideas

Social media management tools can be used extensively to find content that can be shared with your audience. These tools will identify the content that has resonated with your target audience.

You can use the tools to look up for content to share, trending content, creating new content or to curate content.

Tools such as Buzzsumo and feedly will assist you in finding popular articles from different websites. You can save these articles, share it with your audience or use it for further content creation.

2. Scheduling Content

Social media management tools have made it easy to schedule posts across all the major social media platforms. You just need to add your social accounts that need to be managed.

Scheduling posts is possible by planning your content ahead of time with the help of tools. It allows you to plan and publish your content as per your specifications.

Tools such as, Cloohawk and Hootsuite identifies content that can be automatically scheduled to be posted at the best time based on the engagement of your audience.

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3. Engage With Influencers

Today, influencer marketing is highly used to expand reach and to resonate with your target audience.  

@NealSchaffer, social media speaker says,  "Proactively engage with relevant people - re-actively respond when relevant people reach out to youÔÇÖ.

Social media management tools such as Tweetreach and Followerwonk can identify people with influence around a specific interest.

These tools can be used to search for influencers by using keywords and hashtags in their bios and also to shortlist people who have the relevant reach and authority in your industry.

4. Competitive Analysis

One of the key areas of focus for social media managers is to keep an eye on the competitors. Social media management tools are doing a good job at monitoring the mentions of your competitors on social media.

Some of the tools such as Cloohawk can even identify the posts that are performing well with your competitors. Further, Cloohawk gives you a list of posts where the customers have posted negative comments regarding the products and services of your competitor.

Capture the moment and engage with the unhappy customers of your competitors to convert them into leads.

  1. Engage with Audience

Social media management tools offer the avenues to network and a stage to showcase your brand value. Just finding potential audience is not enough. Engaging with the audience continuously is the key to building brand value.

Social media management tools such as Sproutsocial and Cloohawk are allowing you to track keywords, hashtags and on social media platforms, and offering the services to manage audience engagement in a single inbox where you can retweet, reply and like the posts that will keep your audience engaged.

  1. Automation

Since social media management is all about being fast and responsive, social media management tools are offering variety of automation options that will save your time and effort.

Social media management tools such as Cloohawk and Buffer offer comprehensive automation features starting right from automatically scheduling content, posting at the best time, retweeting engaging content, reposting evergreen content, finding influencers and followers.

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  1. Analytics

Social media managers turn towards analytics to find meaningful statistics relating to their social media activities. When you need to find answers to questions such as find how many new followers you got in this month, how did your engagement grow from last month, which of your posts has performed well in the last quarter, etc., then you can easily do this with the help of tools.

Tools such as Google analytics and SumAll can give you daily, weekly and monthly insights into how your profile has performed. The data can be viewed in dashboard formats making it easy for the viewers to notice important details.


When it comes to social media strategy itÔÇÖs already time to tackle it with the help of smart social media management tools. Thankfully there are a whole bunch of social media management tools that are available to sort out all your workflows.  

From finding ideas, creating content, curating content, publishing content up to finding right people to engage, finding relevant followers, increasing engagement and automate tasks, social media management tools can do all that for you.

Do you want to increase your social media reach 5X?

No, I don't want to do well on social media


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