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Aug 09, 2018

9 Reasons to Start Using Social Media Management Tools for your Brand

9 Reasons to Start Using Social Media Management Tool for your Brand

You are deeply engrossed in planning your next big social media campaign for your product, and suddenly you hear a ping. This is a comment on Twitter from one of your audience who is asking some information about your product. Just when you are about to write the response, you notice that one of your competitor has received many likes to one of their posts that was posted on facebook. You start reading the article to find what got them so many likes!! Immediately you start looking for similar content so that you can also share it with your audience to get more attention on social media.

All this happened in a span of 10 minutes, and by the end of 10 minutes you lost track of what actually you were doing originally. You have left many things mid-way without completing any task since you were pulled in various social media marketing activities.

This will become a daily affair if you are not focused. But if you are focused on only one thing, then you cannot attend many other important social media tasks that are required for bringing in social media engagement.

The solution to this complexity is to invest in intelligent social media management tools that can simplify your daily social media marketing tasks.

Here are 9 Reasons to Start Using Social Media Management Tools for your Brand:

1. No Jumping Back And Forth Between Multiple Social Media Platforms

Are you managing too many social media profiles and jumping from one to another to track conversations, to post content and to engage with the audience? It can be a never ending nightmare if you are doing this manually.

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that puts all your social media profiles in one place. For example you can manage your 5 Instagram accounts, 10 Twitter accounts and 5 Facebook Pages all from just one dashboard. 

With the help of social media tools, there is no need for you to keep hopping between different social media profiles. What a relief!!



2. No More Confusion On The Content Management

Every social media marketer knows that content is the king and it is still one of the bests ways to attract customers to your website. But it is very messy when you do not know what to write and what type of content is preferred by your audience. Your content will drown in the ocean of social media and internet within few seconds of posting, when you are not sharing the right content.

Hence content management, which is the process of creating, organizing, optimizing, and distributing all forms of content, is gaining high importance in social media marketing.

Cloohawk is an intelligent social media management assistant, that identifies the content that is of interest to your audience. Retweeting such content attracts more followers. Cloohawk gives you a list of pre viral trending stories for the day based on the areas of interest of your audience. Cloohawk can automatically post the trending stories on your behalf.



3. No More Missed Conversations About Your Brand

Do you really manage to capture all social media conversations happening about your brand and your industry? ItÔÇÖs next to impossible to catch all the conversations due to the high volume and the speed with which the conversations happen on social media.

But if you miss these social media conversations, there is not much ÔÇÿsocialÔÇÖ left in your social media marketing.

Thanks to the social media management tools that have emerged as a blessing to all the social media managers who can now monitor social communication.

Twazzup is a social media monitoring tool for beginners who are looking for a Twitter monitoring tool. You need to enter the twitter handle that you want to track and you get real-time updates, active top influencers, most retweeted photos and links, and also the top 10 keywords related to your search.



4. No More Sitting In The Dark Guessing Your CompetitorsÔÇÖ Social Media Performance

Competition drives most of the brands to perform higher on social media. You can easily check your competitors actions, the campaign they launched recently, posts are they are floating, best performing posts, and so on.

Imagine you miss these important leads, you can end up being isolated in the competition.

Identify your key competitors and make a list of top 5-10 competitors. Analyze them every day to know various aspects of your competitors such as the content they publish, the frequency of their posts, the influencers that they are engaging with and the campaigns that they are running.

SEMrush is a competition monitoring tool that can be used for tracking multiple aspects of your competitors. You can find out where your rivals concentrate most of their marketing efforts, discover their websitesÔÇÖ traffic, audiences and leadgen sources. You can also conduct in-depth analysis of your competitors' backlinks.



5. No More Last Minute Rush To Schedule Social Media Posts

Imagine you are about to go into a conference call with your marketing head, but realized that you have not posted any content for the day. You know the meeting is going into 2 hours and your audience will not even hear about you for the rest of the day. Terrible situation for a social media marketer!!

Most of the social media marketers strive hard to keep high engagement with audience by regular posts, comments, tweets, and never want to lose sight of the content that may gather audience attention whether during day or at night.

Automation gives the marketer an opportunity to schedule tweets that can reach your audience even when you are not around.

TweetDeck is a scheduling tool that helps you to schedule tweets on Twitter when youÔÇÖre not unavailable to manually tweet at a particular time or a particular day. You can schedule tweets across different days and time that can be sent automatically according to your set 



6. No More Shooting in the Dark Without Analyzing Your Social Media Analytics

Your shared a post today on social media and to your surprise it attracted a lot of attention, whereas your yesterdayÔÇÖs post did not get many likes. What could be the reason?

Creating content and publishing the content on social media is very important part of every social media marketing strategy. But how many really know how a piece of content performs on social media? Which kind of content is performing well and is liked by your social media audience? Are these very tough questions to crack? Not anymore with social media analytics.

Brands are using social media analytical tools extensively to understand each action on social media such as likes, comments, tweets, retweets and of course to measure big social media campaigns.

Keyhole is a social media analytics tool that offers a preview of its hashtag, keyword, and account tracking services. It shows the information about the reach, top shares posts, most likes, most shares and much more.



7. No More Sleepless Nights Searching for Curated Content

Imagine you have already a schedule of writing 1 article a day to share with your social media audience. But Is that enough?

While every marketer would love to create and share original content, getting fresh ideas for creating content for your blog, social media posts and e-books can seem challenging.

It is s important to note that originally created quality content alone is not sufficient to meet your social media marketing goals.

Content curation is the answer to this problem. It is an act of finding content based on your customer personas, arranging the content in an orderly manner to make it easy for your readers and finally sharing it with your audience at the right time.

But when you have to do content curation regularly and consistently on a sustainable scale, the use of content curation tools become much higher.

Feedly is a content curation tool with features to organize and streamline content. The content is sourced from various RSS feeds, blogs and online sources. Feedly allows you to view articles on daily basis and you can also bookmark them if you want to read it later. With Feedly you can add filters to make your search more.



8. No More Chances Of Inconsistency Killing Your Social Media Performance

You have a lot of time today and end up posting atleast 10 different posts on your social media profile. But tomorrow, you forget about it and miss to come in front of your audience for the whole day. Your audience easily forgets you and moves on to your competitors who are consistently posting and engaging them.

Consistency is the key in social media marketing. If your audience needs to recognize your brand, you must be consistently reminding them about your brand and product.

But practically, you are pulled in different directions on different days, thereby making your profile look very inconsistent.

Social media is massive and hence you simply cannot handle it all alone specially when you are short of time and resources. The good news is there are social media management tools available that can maximize the amount of time you can allocate to social media management.

Socialert is a social media management tool that helps you to maintain consistency in your social media activities such as content sharing, content curation, social listening, track hashtags, keywords and social media analysis.  



9. No More Unorganized And Unplanned Social Media Events

Imagine you login to Twitter and all people seem to be wishing their audience a very happy Thanksgiving Day!! And you missed it.

Or everyone out there posting articles and pictures about the FIFA world cup and you clearly have missed it.

There can be numerous such instances where you had a golden opportunity to thank your audience, wish you audience and challenge your audience during different instances, but since you did not think ahead, you missed the several opportunities. This is why a content calendar should enter your social media management.

Content calendars are a great way to plan and organize any upcoming content, organize content, collaborate with the team and save time.

CoSchedule is an editorial calendar. You can schedule blog posts, manage social media posts, and assign team tasks all from one single dashboard. It allows you to organize your to-do list and effortlessly puts it into practice. The ReQueue feature enables users to get the most out of their top posts by allowing CoSchedule to intelligently share messages at optimal times. You can schedule 60+ social posts in bulk, and share content to their calendar from anywhere on the web.




With the ever evolving social media platforms, high demanding role and customers seeking attention on social media, maintaining a balance on social media marketing has emerged as one of the biggest challenge for a social media marketer.

A social media marketer who is managing the social media strategy will actually know the hard work that goes behind a successful social media presence of any given brand.

In a highly competitive content marketplace, simply relying on manual efforts will lead you nowhere. You will exhaust all your efforts and time in keeping up with the algorithm updates and changes on the social platforms and all other major search engines.

As a result itÔÇÖs time for social media marketers to make use of the social media management tools to develop a successful social media strategy.

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