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Apr 30, 2018

Cloohawk + NinjaOutreach - The Social Selling Recipe That Works

Cloohawk + NinjaOutreach - The Social Selling Recipe That Works

Many marketers believe that email marketing is not as effective as it used to be in the past. But email marketing has come a long way, and if done properly, email marketing has a potential to become a success factor for many marketing campaigns.

As per a study, 94% of Internet users still use emails and 75% of adult online users say that email marketing is their preferred marketing method.

What is email marketing?

Basically, when marketers use emails to promote products or services, it is referred to as email marketing. But in reality email marketing is all about developing better relationships with potential customers by using emails as a medium to reach out to them.


So it drills down to two basic things;

1. Find potential customers and

2. Find the right medium to send emails.

How do you find Potential Customers?

Finding the right customers who are in look out for products that are produced by your company is very crucial for the success of your business.

When you focus on people who have interest in your product or service, there exists a mutual benefit.

Identifying your target audience gets you closer to deriving higher effectiveness in your marketing efforts.

Target audience can be defined based on interest, age, gender, location, and more.

For example, if you are into women fashion industry in New York, then you target audience could be young women who are interested in fashion clothing and who are located in New York.

Target Audience

But defining your audience and finding audience are two different things. ItÔÇÖs easy to define the audience that you want to reach out to, but in reality how do you actually do it?

Social media is a wonderful method by which you can learn about your target audience. Use social media to engage and interact with your potential audience based on their interests.

But itÔÇÖs humanly impossible to get a list of audience who are interested in your product, just by looking at different social media platforms. It would be wiser to use a tool such as Cloohawk to get closer to your audience.

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How can you use Cloohawk to Find the right audience?

Cloohawk is an intelligent social media management tool that integrates powerful automation. The tool is powered with features that help to find the right set of followers for your business based on their interest.

Cloohawk being a smart listener gives you a whole list of conversations that are relevant to your business. Cloohawk identifies your target audience and suggests tasks to engage them. It gives a list of tweets that can be retweeted or liked.

Retweet Cloohawk


Yet another feature of Cloohawk ÔÇÿFollow peopleÔÇÖ allows you to follow people with similar interest as yours. With just a click, you will be able to find and follow people who share similar interest as your brand.

Follow Cloohawk


Similarly Cloohawk has an exhaustive set of 13 different ways to engage your audience, which are provided as daily task digests to you.

Using Cloohawk this way, you will engage with quite a comprehensive list of people who are your target audience.

Reaching out to this set of audience just means you are much closer to your potential customers.

How about reaching out to this audience on Email? Gold!

Cloohawk enables you to get a download of the list of people with whom you have engaged with!

Not just the list, it gives a whole lot of information that will help you segment your leads and send personalized emails.

The following is the segmentation info:

  1. Location

  2. Influencers

  3. Common interests between you and the lead

  4. Website address

  5. Number of followers



Now let us see how Cloohawk + NinjaOutreach work as a wonderful combination to reach out to potential clients.

How can you use NinjaOutreach to reach out to your target audience?

When you are struggling to find a way to contact all your potential customers, then Ninjaoutreach is the best choice. It allows you to manually import the list of target audience that you have generated from Cloohawk.


Once you have the email IDs of your target audience, you can personalize the emails to make it look authentic and not spammy. 

With the help of the leads that you get from Cloohawk, you can customize the mails to be sent to your customers. Since you have seen Bio, pictures, websites, and their interests, you can craft a mail that can be highly personalized and will not be discounted as another promotion email.

Ninjaoutreach  also offers templates to ensure that every message is personalized with the name, designation, location and much more.



You can send mails automatically by scheduling them on Ninjaoutreach.

Auto Schedule


The ÔÇ£Outreach modeÔÇØ allow you to send emails one by one by clicking on ÔÇÿsend emailÔÇÖ button.

If you prefer to bulk email then you can choose ÔÇÿautomate emailsÔÇÖ and send a bunch of emails as per the schedule that you set. In this case the emails will have the template that you choose and help to get a look of a personalized message.

Thus Ninjaoutreach  is all-in-one tool to organize lists, extract email IDs, design templates and automatically send emails to your target audience.


When you know how to perfectly send emails, then email marketing will become a friendly channel as it comes with additional benefit of minimal initial investments. 

While Cloohawk can take care of the significant task of finding the right audience, Ninjaoutreach  will take it forward by reaching out to the audience with the help of personalized emails.

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