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Dec 21, 2017

How to Buy Real Twitter Followers

How to Buy Real Twitter Followers

Have you ever envied the high Twitter follower counts of your competitors? Who wouldnÔÇÖt ?

A high number of customerÔÇÖs star-rating for a product and a high number of followers on twitter both build a level of trustworthiness. 

Why Twitter Followers?

When there are a massive 313 million active users on Twitter, having higher number of followers who will engage and retweet your content, will increase the likelihood of the audience following your Twitter profile.

Imagine you have a Twitter business page and you claim to be an expert dietician. When people go through your profile, they find that you have only 42 followers.

This will put them off, since they might end up thinking that your diet programs are not great.

But imagine if there were more than 2000 followers, it assures the potential followers that you are a reputed dietician.

Social proof gives them a good reason to join the Twitter group.

Are you thinking of buying fake followers?

I never understand people who try to buy twitter followers, I mean, what's the point? You are just going to get a bunch of spammy followers who donÔÇÖt exist.

Buying followers and likes is indeed black hat and is a route that quickly destroys the credibility of your business.  It will never lead to more sales.

Never buy fake Twitter Followers.

How to buy real twitter followers?

So how do you get engaged and targeted followers on Twitter in the first place so that more followers can follow you?

ItÔÇÖs a catch-22 situation, isnÔÇÖt it?

The answer is in Twitter itself. This is most official way to buy real twitter followers.

Twitter Follower campaigns promote your account and grows your audience.

Campaigns are used when you want to be discovered by people who already exist on Twitter and could be interested in your business.

A twitter campaign is a simple two-step approach to increase your fan following.

Step 1 Add Campaign name, date and budget

ItÔÇÖs your first campaign. It will prompt you to choose the type of campaign that you wish to run. You can select the ÔÇÿFollowers OptionÔÇÖ since you are looking to get more followers.

Based on your target audience, you can name the campaign. When I am setting up a campaign to find people interested in travel, I would name it as Travel Enthusiasts, so that I can clearly distinguish it from my other campaigns.

Define the start and end date for your campaign. Run the campaign immediately and make it continuous to have got a good number of followers. There is also an option to set your preferred dates.

Twitter campaign

The budget has to be set based on the number of twitter followers that you wish to gain. 

Research has shown that $4000 to $7000 per month has been considered as an average spend on social media.

Twitter will charge you only for the number of followers that you acquired, which makes it affordable for small business.

Step 2 Choose Your Target Audience

Success of your campaign heavily depends on the way you choose your target audience.

Twitter allows you to choose between two options.

Option 1: Interests and followers

This targets people who have a defined interest, or interest that is matching to your Twitter followers or targets specific twitter handles.

Option 2: Tailored Audiences

In this option you can target people who have visited your website. If you have the email address of people, this option can be used to target them to follow you. There is also an option to use variety of other data from your customer database.

Tailored audience

Added advantage is that you can choose to click the ÔÇÿAlso target users like your followersÔÇÖ. Targeting the people who have similar interests of your already existing twitter followers is by way the faster route to grow followers.

You also have an option to choose your audience based on geography and gender. 

If you want to target audience from say a specific region, you can choose to get followers only from that region.

Similarly if your product caters to women and you wish to gain women followers on Twitter, then you can choose the gender option.

Twitter campaign

You can create numerous campaigns based on the type of Twitter followers that you wish to target.

Buying Twitter followers should not be done by paying the followers directly to join you, there are other methods in which you can get the people to follow you.

Cross Channel Sharing

                   Content from your blogs or on from websites or any other social media, when shared across platforms will get you the attention on twitter.

This is the first step towards getting real engaged Twitter followers. Install plugins that make it easy to share the content just with the click of a mouse.

The sharing buttons should be highly visible around the content that you publish.

Some of the plugins such as click to tweet and Addthis allows you to highlight a piece of content or image and easily share it on Twitter.

                      Sharing content increases visibility and thereby bringing in more Twitter followers.

click to tweet is a plugin that allows you to create snippets from your content that can be tweeted directly.


Addthis plugin is a tool that adds social media buttons to your content. The social media buttons dynamically scrolls down as the reader scrolls down the text. This makes it easy to share content at any place on the blog text without having to go to the bottom of the page.


Sharing content is made easier with the help of social media management tools that are easy to operate.

You can use Cloohawk tool to find the best post that can be shared with  your audience, and can post it at the right time. Cloohawk provides a single dashboard with all the posts that can be retweeted, liked, commented, and many other possibilities that help you to engage with the audience, thereby increasing your twitter followers.

Hire Influencers

Influencers are the new celebrities. People on Twitter follow their favorite influencer to learn from the experts in their domain. When the beauty bloggers like Michelle Phan promote beauty products it is highly trusted by the users.

Influencers are a gateway to get more Twitter followers. You can hire the influencer in your industry who has high influence over his/her followers. 

A tweet about your product or service coming from the influencer can reach his followers who in turn can start might follow you.

This could be an expensive method of getting more Twitter followers since hiring influencers could come at a high cost. But nevertheless, there are micro-influencers who can get high engagement at lesser cost.

Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats are an excellent way to develop meaningful relationships on Twitter where you get a chance to know more people and get more followers.

This is like a Twitter party where you have people who are interested in a topic and get together to discuss and debate about a specific topic at a specific time.

Twitter chats will give you some of the most engaging followers since these are the people who will comments, share and retweet your post thereby getting you in front of their Twitter followers. 

                                                                           IsnÔÇÖt that a great way to get the most engaging audience?

Hunt for twitter chats in your community and participate actively. Some of the great places to find the schedule of the chats are Chat Salad, Tweet Reports and Twubs.

My advice is actively engage with the host, guest and other participants to extract the most out of a twitter chat.


Real Twitter followers bring real benefits. High number of followers increases your influence, social proof, reach and engagement on Twitter.

                                      Real Twitter followers present the best of both worlds.

You not only get genuine followers who will engage with your brand, but you get accelerated growth as well.


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