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Dec 21, 2017

How to Create a Twitter Moment

How to Create a Twitter Moment

In October 2015, Twitter rolled out a new feature called the Twitter moment.

Twitter Moments are a consolidation of the best tweets around a topic. You can add many tweets from different users.

They can be tweeted, liked, pinned and embedded like the usual tweets.

"We are giving people a new and dynamic way to tell their stories.ÔÇØ Says Twitter after offering this twitter moment feature to everyone.

Brands can use Twitter moments for sharing a series of tweets in the an order, for sharing behind-the-scene stories of your business, to keep on top of trending topics and for new product launches.

When you click on a moment, it will open up a compilation of multiple tweets with a cover photo and an introduction.

To have a look at your Twitter Moments, you should go to the top of your Twitter profile and click on Moments.

Twitter Moments


Here you get a list of all the trending stories, news, sports, entertainment and fun.

Twitter Moments


You can create your own Twitter moments. 

Here are Ten Steps to Create your own Twitter Moment. 

  1. Logon to your twitter account

  2. Click on the moments tab and click on Create new Moment.

Create new Twitter moment


  1. Click on ÔÇÿTitle your MomentÔÇÖ and add a title suitable to the moment that you are about to create

Title your moment


  1. Next add a description about the moment that you want to create



  1. Choose a cover image of your choice from the selected tweets by clicking on the Set cover. Crop and adjust it to fit into the frame.



  1. Click on ÔÇÿAdd Tweets to your momentÔÇÖ and browse through the tweets that you have liked, tweet by account, tweet search and tweet link.      

Add tweets


  1. To add a tweet to the moment, click on the checkmark.

Check Mark


  1. Arrange the tweets by clicking on the up or down arrow which will shift the tweets up or down. You can click on the x mark if you would like to delete any chosen tweet.

Arrange Tweets


    9. Additional settings like the theme color and publishing location can be chosen by clicking the ÔÇÿmoreÔÇÖ button on the left hand side. You can tick on the ÔÇÿmark that moment contains sensitive materialÔÇÖ if your moment contains any sensitive information. 

ÔÇÿMake the moment link onlyÔÇÖ can be chosen if you wish to share the moment privately with others by sharing the link

Additional Settings


  1. If you wish to save the changes as a draft and publish later, you hit the button ÔÇÿFinish laterÔÇÖ and Finally when you are ready to publish the moment, hit the button ÔÇÿPublishÔÇÖ.  

Save Changes


Now your Twitter moment is ready to be viewed by your followers. 

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