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Jan 10, 2018

How I Increased My Twitter Engagement by 500% as a Gamer

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All the positivity that games can bring is amazing.

I love gaming. IÔÇÖve been gaming ever since childhood and don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

Increase Twitter Followers Social Media Tips for Gamers

Games are for entertainment, but imagine if you are getting paid to play video games! Sounds like the cushiest job in the world! But thereÔÇÖs more to making a living from gaming than it meets the eye.

The life of a gamer goes beyond just picking up a controller, it requires unparallel discipline and perseverance mainly because there are numerous obstacles to success not just from outside but from within as well.

Cody Dietrich Increase Twitter Following for Gamers Cloohawk

The games that I play need intense focus and demands instant reactions. Its a  round-the-clock cycle of perfecting individual play. Juggling pro matches with other responsibilities can be a nightmare.

As a gamer I have to work hard to raise my profile to funnel fans to my social media channels and other online video streams. I am expected to be approachable though it opens up the possibility of web trolls. But I view it as an opportunity to gain access to my audience and I just love engaging with them.

Increase Twitter Followers Social Media Tips for Gamers

But Imagine a gamer like me who has to focus on  gaming cannot afford to spend a huge amount of time and money to engage with my audience. Budding gamers like me constantly have to face the challenge of getting everything done all by ourselves or with very little help from others.

But it can be done with much more ease by just changing the mindset. Many people donÔÇÖt spend time analysing on what is eating up their precious time. When you know the problem, itÔÇÖs wise to switch to the solution. ThatÔÇÖs exactly what I did.

I started looking for tools that can considerably reduce my time on social media, but at the same time power my engagement efforts. And thatÔÇÖs when Cloohawk came across to me as an option to handle my social media activities.

I could manage to reduce a dayÔÇÖs worth of research into a 30-minute daily activity with the help of Cloohawk.

Before I go into the details.

Let me Introduce myself

Hello! My name is Cody Dietrich and I have been a gamer ever since my hands could handle a controller. IÔÇÖve always strived to be involved with the gaming industry and that dream has been more than realized! Through YouTube, then Twitch, and now with a gaming software company, I would have never gotten any of these opportunities if it werenÔÇÖt for leveraging the power of engagement and networking.

Social media tips to increase twitter followers for gamers and gaming

My Gaming Passion

Dan Chou, professional gaming commentator says ÔÇ£Professional gaming is still a passion industry."

Gaming makes me excited and gaming always makes me feel engaged. Whether it's first person shooter games, which gives me a rush of adrenaline, or a role playing games that gives me a good story to dive into, each new journey is a new opportunity to feel excited.

Auto Post on Twitter, Auto Retweet

When Passion and Social Media Combines to Create Magic

I follow a ton of gamers and make sure to follow up on the latest game news and upcoming releases.

Sometimes there will be a game developer reaching out on Twitter for someone to try their demo, or showcasing their designs.  I can then quote tweet them, expose them to a wider audience, and not only get their follow and engagement, but it helps me to re-engage with people who already enjoy things I share.

Auto Post on Twitter, Auto Retweet

Until it started getting Hectic!

As an individual gamer who is crazy about gaming, it is quite natural that I am not short of energy to play more games. But most of the times the big challenge is the limited time that is available in a day for other underlying social media activities other than just gaming.

As a gamer how to increase twitter followers

Honestly I was looking for a system that would automate my twitter posts or have others do my social media for me.

ThatÔÇÖs when Cloohawk came to my rescue

I was seriously looking for some tools that can help me with my social media management. I did not have time to to browse through the ocean of tweets of my followers and identify the audience with whom I could engage.

ThatÔÇÖs when I came across Cloohawk tool.

It sounded very inviting. I wanted to give it a try. To my great relief, Cloohawk offered a host of options to engage with my audience reducing a lot of my time on social media.

Audience Engagement

Daily Hashtag Digest is an excellent collection of the hashtags that are suggested by Cloohawk based on my recent conversations of interest. I use these hashtags to increase my engagement with my audience.

Hashtags Retweets Trending stories Hootsuite Increase Twitter Followers

Engage Your Followers feature in Cloohawk gives me a bunch of ideas that I could use to engage with my audience on social media. It was quite impressive to see that Cloohawk listened to my audience and picked up their conversations that were relevant to me.

Like these Posts is a feature in Cloohawk that gives me a list of tweets based on my activity and interests which I can then like it either immediately or at the best time.

Like Engage Reply Follow Unfollow Increase Twitter Followers Hootsuite


Retweet These posts is one of the best features of Cloohawk that it gives me a list of tweets that are worth retweeting based on my recent activity. It also gives an option within the tool to reply and retweet without going into Twitter.

Report Twitter Management Increase Twitter Followers Twitter Unfollow

Follow people feature is an option where I can follow back my followers in just a click. Where as the Follow these people feature will give a list of all people who have the same interest as yours. This will give you an option to follow new people and build your network.

Follow Unfollow Twitter Hootsuite Increase Twitter Followers Gaming

Trending Stories

The ÔÇÿtrending stories for youÔÇÖ feature, offered a list of trending stories for the day based on my areas interest, and also gave the most popular trending topics in the gaming industry.

The best feature of Cloohawk is that it allowed me to comment on the trending topics within the cloohawk without actually going into Twitter.

Added to this Cloohawk gave me the option to either ÔÇÿpost Now or to ÔÇÿpost at Best TimeÔÇÖ. These features reduced my juggling between different apps thereby reducing my time on social media.

Trending Stories to Increase Engagement - Hootsuite Hubspot Buffer Social Cloud Marketing Cloud

I love Cloohawk for a reason

My Twitter engagement after using Cloohawk went up like 500%. ThatÔÇÖs a massive reason for me to love Cloohawk, and I am sure it will be yours as well if you get such an improvement in engagement rate.

I've been connected to so many other gamers and developers which allowed me to grow my influence.

Now I feel so proud that I have developers putting me on preview lists, and gamers putting me on their follower list when I do Twitch streaming.

Auto Post on Twitter, Auto Retweet

My Final Verdict about Cloohawk Experience

On the whole, Cloohawk takes having to comb through Twitter to find the right posts to retweet, to like and to engage with from hours of endless digging to a pleasant lunch break session. Best part of Cloohawk is that it leaves me with just those few actions.

ÔÇ£It converts a whole dayÔÇÖs worth of research into a 30-minute or less check inÔÇØ

I realized that itÔÇÖs intelligent to focus on the core tasks that I alone can do, while at the same time ruthlessly giving away those tasks that can be delegated to Cloohawk, which is indeed an intelligent social media management tool.

If you love gaming join the MastaFam via my Twitch Channel - MastaCody.

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