Uma Bhat
Content Weaver @Cloohawk
Dec 21, 2017

How to Set Up Twitter Followers Campaign?

How to Set Up Twitter Followers Campaign?

Twitter followers are more likely to share information about a business that they follow.

They retweet and comment on your tweets that have the potential to reach to their followers thereby grabbing more attention.

There is high likelihood that they purchase products or services from your brand in the future.

So how do you get more people to follow your Twitter account?

Setting up Twitter followers campaign is a great way to get targeted followers to your account.

HereÔÇÖs how to set a Twitter Followers Campaign:

Step 1: Sign into your Twitter account.

Step 2: Click on Twitter Ads

Step 3: If this is your first campaign, it will prompt to choose a campaign. If you have existing campaigns, click on ÔÇ£Create new campaignÔÇØ

Create Twitter Campaign


Step 4: From the campaign picker, choose the options ÔÇÿFollowersÔÇÖ           



Step 5: Give a name to your campaign. It could be based on the audience, the location, interest, etc. that you are targeting.

Create Campaign


Step 6: Specify the date for your campaign. It can also start immediately and run continuously.

Campaign Date


Step 7: Define the amount of budget that you wish to spend per day

Campaign Budget


Step 8: Select your audience based on the targeting options such as interest, location, gender, users like your followers, users like a particular @username, etc.

Campaign Audience


Sep 9: Compose the tweets that you want to promote.

Campaign Tweets


Step 10: And there you go!

Twitter followers campaign will start its work of getting more followers to your Twitter account.


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