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Oct 31, 2017

Release Notes: Engage Your Followers Better

Engage More With Your Followers, Hubspot, Hootsuite, Buffer, Marketing Cloud, Sprinklr, Meltwater

Happy to announce some exciting features which will make your experience better on Cloohawk!


1. Engage with your followers better

           Several of your followers are your target audience who ll engage, evangelize and buy from your brand. However many a times you do not engage with them. With this new feature Cloohawk identifies conversations of your followers you can engage with.

Engage Followers Hootsuite Hubspot Bufferapp Marketing CloudEngage Followers Hootsuite Hubspot Bufferapp Marketing Cloud

2. Follow back your followers with same interests

          This feature identifies your followers with same interests as you do, and prompt you to follow them back.

Follow Back Your Followers Hootsuite Hubspot Buffer Marketing CloudFollow Back Your Followers Hootsuite Hubspot Buffer Marketing Cloud


3. Preview for URLs

          Till now task cards did not display URL previews. The task cards will display URL previews from now on.

URL Preview Hootsuite Buffer Marketing Cloud Hubspot

4. Alternate Options for You To Engage

         We suggest you tasks to Retweet, Like, Follow etc. However for some of the conversations you might want to engage in some other way from what we suggested. For eg: we suggested you to retweet, however you want to just like. With this feature release you have controls to do it.

Other tasks Hubspot Hootsuite Marketing Cloud Buffer

5. Engage with Positive and Unbiased mentions

         Your contacts mention about you in different scenarios. Till now we used to filter out critical/negative comments about you and prompt you to reply. From this release you can reply to positive and unbiased mentions as well. And we sort the tasks based on influence on the commenter so that you can reply fast to comments that matter.

Reply to Mention Buffer Hubspot Hootsuite Marketing Cloud

We are working on many more things. Continue sharing your feedback with us.

Share Feedback Marketing Cloud Hubspot Hootsuite Buffer

We are just loving it. Hope you are as well :)


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