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Nov 17, 2017

Release Notes: Post More & More Relevant Content

Get Twitter Followers Fast - Repost Old Posts - Post Trending News

Hope you are having a great time using Cloohawk. We are getting emails/feedbacks daily. Posting one of the many here (we ll soon put up a #walloflove):

ÔÇ£I like Cloohawk because it works by making it easier to manage and grow my Twitter. The only improvement at this point would just to expand to other social medias as well. Specifically fb pages, Instagram, & Tumblr.ÔÇØ

We are super excited to know that Cloohawk is making a difference. And we are working hard to address your needs.

In social media content is king. Till now Cloohawk identified tweets in your areas of interest which you could retweet. Today we are going a couple of steps further to skyrocket your social media reach. Check out these two new features:

1. Trending Stories for you to Post!

From today Cloohawk will find you trending stories in your task list. The stories will be relevant to your interests. And you can post directly from Cloohawk!

We had to tinker a lot to make the most accurate selections. And as you know Cloohawk learns with your every action, making suggestions better as days pass. I can promise added spike in your engagement from today :)

Post Trending Stories - Increase Twitter Followers Hootsuite Hubspot Buffer Social Cloud Marketing CloudTrending Stories to Increase Engagement - Hootsuite Hubspot Buffer Social Cloud Marketing Cloud

2. Repost your old posts

The life time of a tweet is around 18 minutes. DonÔÇÖt get disappointed if some of the best content you made is not generating enough engagement. Repost it again. You can increase engagement by around 75%!

But of course, you should not be spamming by reposting all your old posts. Cloohawk identifies the posts which has the best potential to generate traffic when reposted. And of course you can repost directly from Cloohawk from today ­ƒæì

Repost old posts to increase engagement - Hootsuite Hubspot Buffer Social Cloud Marketing CloudReuse old tweets - Hootsuite Hubspot Buffer Social Cloud Marketing Cloud

We also added some features to make our UI better

1. Check user profile in Cloohawk

Earlier you had to check the profile of the user, by going to Twitter. We have added a feature to quickly check user bio from Cloohawk.

User profile - Hootsuite Hubspot Buffer Social Cloud Marketing CloudUser Profile check Twitter - Hubspot Hootsuite Buffer Social Cloud Marketing Cloud - Get Twitter Followers Fast

2. Open video posts from Cloohawk

Earlier you had to go to twitter to view videos. From now on you can open video from Cloohawk.

Video Tweet - Get Twitter Followers Fast - Hootsuite Hubspot Buffer Social Cloud Marketing Cloud

How do you find our new features? How far are we from being your swiss knife for social media management? Add your thoughts in comments below:) Have a fantabulous weekend!

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