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Feb 22, 2018

Should You Schedule Tweets On Twitter?

Should You Schedule Tweets On Twitter?

Having a well-known brand is just not enough for success on social media. Sharing informative content, sharing at the time when your audience is active and sharing consistently is the secret of a powerful social media presence.

Twitter is a social media platform that operates in real time and is well known as a high-sharing platform. This poses opportunity as well as a challenge to marketers who constantly look to connect with customers.

Most of the social media marketers strive hard to keep high engagement with audience by regular tweets and never want to lose sight of the tweets that may gather audience attention whether during day or at night.

You audience expects you to tweet useful and informative content round the clock, which makes it important for a marketer to tweet often and consistently. 

Should You Schedule Tweets on Twitter?

Humanly itÔÇÖs challenging to monitor Twitter just due to the sheer volume that crosses 300 million tweets in a day.

How can one monitor different tweets, hashtags, mentions, trending content, brand name, and much more content while you also have to post content at regular intervals? 

So automating some of the tasks on Twitter is the answer to this growing challenge. 

Automation gives the marketer an opportunity to schedule tweets that can reach your audience even when you are not around. 

For a lot of marketers, the ability to schedule tweets on Twitter well in advance is surely a godsend.

Scheduling tweets on Twitter in simple terms means that you are planning your tweets ahead of time with the help of a tool that allows you to plan and publish your content as per the rules that you have set. 

What are the advantages of Scheduling Tweets on Twitter?

Scheduling tweets on Twitter not just gives you the advantage of being consistent with content on Twitter, but it also enables you to tweet your content at the best time when your audience is likely to see it and share it with their social circles.

Scheduling tweets on Twitter comes with a package of advantages.

Saves time: This is the primary purpose of scheduling tweets on Twitter. While you can build your brand with the help of tweets and engage with audience, you can also cater to other important tasks relating to your brand.

Keeps Up Profile Freshness: A dormant Twitter profile that has no tweets and retweets is of no use. If you are regularly tweeting, it will get you more followers.

Increases Profile exposure: Scheduling tweets on Twitter allows you to tweet at the best time when your audience is online. This will bring your profile in front of their timelines giving high exposure to your profile.

Brings consistency to your profile:  You may have 10 tweets on one day but then no tweets for next 10 days. This shows inconsistency of your profile and will lead to unfollow. Scheduling tweets on Twitter ensure regular activity which makes your profile follow worthy.

Increases engagement: Engagement starts with a tweet. Scheduling tweets on Twitter will ignite the conversations in the form of replies and retweets. The higher tweets you have, higher are the chances of engagement with your audience.

Tools to Schedule Tweets to Twitter

There are a host of Twitter tools out there, but itÔÇÖs always so hard to choose the right ones to trust with your Twitter account.

Here is a list of 9 tools that can help you to schedule tweets on Twitter.

  1. HootSuite

HootSuite allows you to schedule your tweets on Twitter and also offers a feature called ÔÇÿautoscheduleÔÇÖ. Marketers can make use of this feature to send a constant stream of relevant and useful information to its audience.



  1. TweetDeck

TweetDeck helps you to schedule tweets on Twitter when youÔÇÖre not unavailable to manually tweet at a particular time or a particular day. You can schedule tweets across different days and time that can be sent automatically according to your set schedule.



  1. ManageFlitter

The powerpost feature of ManageFlitter allows you to schedule your Tweets on Twitter at the most appropriate time based on your audienceÔÇÖs time zone and engagement.  This feature analyses your followers to find the right time when they are active so that tweets can be auto posted at this time.



  1. Buffer

In Buffer you will be able to select and set the date and time when your post should be scheduled using the Posting Schedule feature. Once you set the data and time, you just have to add content that will take up the scheduled slot. You can also schedule Tweets on Twitter at a customized date and time.



  1. Cloohawk

Cloohawk is a suite of social media growth strategies that has integrated powerful automation features that helps you to schedule tweets on Twitter. It will automatically identify your evergreen content based on your interests and tweet it automatically at the best time when your audience is most active. It can also shortlist your influencers content which when tweeted will get maximum engagement.



  1. CoTweet

CoTweet is a tool that allows you to schedule your tweets on Twitter for a future date and time. It has a feature that allows you to tweet from 5 different Twitter accounts. It saves a lot of time and by allowing you to schedule tweets for multiple accounts from one place.



  1. SocialOomph

You can schedule Tweets on Twitter automatically with the help of scheduling tool box in SocialOomph. It lets you create a library of tweets for multiple Twitter accounts. You can set up the scheduling rules for each library separately.



  1. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulseÔÇÖs requeue feature lets you to schedule your tweets on Twitter which you post more than once. The tool allows you to schedule content in bulk. You can also see the content that is scheduled on the calendar.



  1. Klout

Klout gives a feature with which you can schedule your tweets on Twitter at a time when your audience is most active. It has a feature ÔÇÿcreateÔÇÖ where a list of content based on your interests appear. Klout can handle the task of scheduling posts and provides analytics. 




As a marketer or an entrepreneur, ultimately you have to decide what you want for your business. Scheduling tweets on Twitter will ensure round-the-clock visibility of your brand by supplying a constant stream of relevant content.

Make sure to schedule your posts and engage highly with your audience. Ensure that there is a good mix of real-time communication with your audience and donÔÇÖt lose the "human factor" in your tweets.

Are you using Twitter scheduling tools? If not, whatÔÇÖs holding you back?  WeÔÇÖd love to hear about it in the comments!

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